Legendary Kalashnikov: Story of AK-47 Rifle (RT's Documentary)

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Legendary Kalashnikov: Story of AK-47 Rifle (RT's Documentary) 5

­The Kalashnikov rifle needs no introduction. In this documentary we'll show you its origins, how it's made and tested, who uses it and much more. You'll be taken to the Izhmash manufacturing plant where the rifles are assembled, see elite soldiers from Russia's Interior Ministry train with the world-renowned weapon, and hear American war veterans recall their experiences with the gun. The inventor of the iconic AK-47 assault rifle, Mikhail Kalashnikov, has died at the age of 94.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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The AK-47 isn't just a weapon it's an icon.

Author — Reynaldo Abulencia


A man Has Died But The Legend Of The AK Continues

Author — Leo Hunt


R.I.P. Kalashnikov!
Respect from Finland, Teisuka

Author — Teisuka's Station


RIP Mikhail, hero of the Russian people, you will be missed and never forgotten

Author — William L


Just imagine Counter-strike without the AK-47. RIP, Legend.

Author — Do Truong Giang


the ak-47 should be on the russian flag!!!

Author — Mr12345678901212


Legendary is an adjective that gets thrown around a lot. Kalashnikov is truly worthy of the term. As in people tell tales/legends of their feats accomplished with the AK-47.

Author — harveybirdmannequin


While Lt. General Kalashnikov may have been inspired by the idea of the STG-44, they have 0 internal similarities. His design easily outdoes the STG-44. The man himself transcends words. Hero, legend, great, all these words are worthless compared to what they are trying to describe. He would even fire and give his personal approval to new modifications even to earlier this year. Rest well Lt. General Kalashnikov, you more than deserve it.

Author — NKVD


3:03 is that the young vladimir putin standing behind Kalashnikov😮🤔?

Author — Ashique Tk


One of the best compliments I've ever reseived was "you're as reliable as a Kalashnikov"

Author — Francis U


You can tell propaganda by use of extremes "always, never, etc."

Author — Joel


7:45 guy on the left is Russian Will Farrel

Author — Thomas Watters


this was released the day after Kalashnikov's death

Author — Coastal Cruzer


Kalashnikov will receive the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously, I mean if Obama could get it then Kalashnikov deserves it even more.

Author — Pier M


12:56 did he just threw a RGD-33 grenade and then comically bounced?

Author — IWTD


The AK47 reminds me of the English longbow. It's the same weapon from a different era.

Author — Suspicious Black Joggers


10:00 makes me feel bad that I just got my japanese made cyma airsoft ak-47 replica when I could have gotten the real thing with the airsoft varient

Author — littleferrhis


loving the light holiday programming!!! thanks rt! tomorrow's christmas, i say do a hour doc on the black plague?

Author — MJM


lol ar-15 can easily survive a mud test unlike ak, still love my ak though <3

Author — webeatfish


23:15 Anyone know what stock he's using?

Author — JustSomeGuy