Expert on major risks from eruption of Philippines' Taal volcano

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Expert on major risks from eruption of Philippines' Taal volcano 5

The Philippines is bracing for an eruption of the Taal volcano, just about 70 kilometres away from Manila. Authorities have said that it could happen "anytime" from now. Dr Yosuki Aoki from the Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo explained the major risks from an explosive volcanic eruption.

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Just left the Philippines hope my friends stay safe.

Author — Alan Peters


If it really starts exploding and develops a massive column of ash and pumice .... when that collapses there will be pyroclastic flows that can travel across water! That's the worse case

Author — Kosmonooit


The eruption is in the Philippines, then CNA interviews someone from Japan. A Filipino volcanologist could have provided better information about what's happening in Taal

Author — Cobb Douglas


47 crater in 1 small island! Please pray for Us

Author — Joe Loren Solano


Taal volcano has a lake in a volcano in a lake

Author — Short and Nerdy


It well helps cool down the earth .. from Global warming

Author — jc manilaboy


This is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines and the most sort after high end real estate location.

Author — Lar M


caught off guard? be careful on your wording. very irresponsible reporting

Author — Wilson Llanes


Small and Flat Volcano, But Terrible!

Author — Anthony Orlina


Local authorities have declared no classes both private and public schools for provinces or some towns in the vicinities of Taal.

Author — Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes


Video in 2:05 ish...
What a stupid question. You are not God. Of course it’s difficult to predict if you are going to strike the lottery future or not. Not to mention to predict a Volcano eruption. Gosh!!!

Author — Wannabe RedNeck Prepper


Its hard to believe this news there are a lot of ifs the if it could if there is a possible if it would be if :c, they should have interviewed a Filipino scientist, they would say the ashe fell its in our lungs, eyes and mouth, people will die. So evacuation is a must, that would make a convincing interview.

Author — Jay Petz


Pray the Rosary & read the Douay-Rheims Bible everyday
& don't worry. Worry is useless.

Author — LegalGunRightOfSelfDfense RememberYourLastDay