What's The Best Frozen Thanksgiving Dinner? Taste Test

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What's The Best Frozen Thanksgiving Dinner? Taste Test 5

Today, we're testing our tastebuds to determine the best brand of frozen Thanksgiving dinner. Check it out in today's video, Frozen Thanksgiving Dinner Taste Test! GMM #1647

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💬 Comments on the video

I really like Rhett's "retired divorced middle school basketball coach" look.

Author — nofan


"Right" in German is "Recht".
"Left" in German is "Links".
Rhett sits on the right, and Link sits on the left.

Let's talk about that.

Author — Dế Mèn


Josh is dying inside every time they say something good about these.

Author — Brian Talbot


“Tastes just like grandma” puts a whole new meaning on family dinner

Author — Geiokami Hasuki


My local grocery store has the best frozen dinners ever. They take their leftovers which is all homemade in their delicatessen, package them up and freeze them and they only cost $1.50. It is such a great thing if you don't have any meals planned for the week.

Author — Nicky Gee


“Hold on to your wallets, $2.89 might set you back a bit!”

Me looking at the $20 in my bank account and nodding

Author — shego1142


“lean cuisine, that’s what all those rappers drink”

that one person in the back: PFFFF

Author — Kensley Spillman


Rhett: “Hold onto your wallet”

*Me a college student with 70¢ in my account*

Author — Zaynah Gatling


Is it sad that I liked what Rhett is wearing and I wanted one for myself because it looked cozy but then they made the comment about what he looks like, I paused and scrolled down to see other comments about what Rhetts wearing and now as I sit here typing this I wonder where my life is because apparently I'm 32 and want to look like a retired-coach-trendy-grandpa.

Author — Avanjia Danova


I haven't tried the Marie Calendar's Turkey, but i stand by her pot pies

Author — Lord Yathnon


“This one looks like it’s on a table, this one looks like it’s in Ηειι” 😂😂😂

Author — John Carty


As a former avid eater of all sorts of microwaveable meals, I’m glad they made the right choice

Author — Matt Cerrone


When you typically cook for just yourself, extras like a side of peas seem unnecessary and often don't happen so it is actually kind of nice to have those sides in some of these making a more complete meal.

Author — Dylan Coleman


“ lean cuisine, that’s what all the rappers drink” lmfao

Author — Nick N


Rhett: Or a stranger sniffing your hair in a coffee shop
Me: *Remembers the time a lady touched my Afro cause she said it looked nice*

Author — SquareSavage Gaming


"I'll be dang if I didn't get apples in my turkey."

Put that on a T-shirt.

Author — Salinas Shadow


Link on Stouffers: "Everything that is here is better."
Link later: "I think I prefer the banquet."

Author — Llamadeus


Rhett dressed like “I’m a dad in California but I’m also a little hip hop ;)”

Author — segosuarus


Why has Rhett been dressing like a trendy grandpa lately

Author — ramiarami


“I am the one dressed like a retired middle school basketball coach”

Author — LaurenTiare