Bob Ross - Arctic Beauty (Season 6 Episode 7)

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Bob Ross - Arctic Beauty (Season 6 Episode 7) 5

Discover a purple night-sky scene with mountain overlooking a little falling river -- Bob Ross creates a spectacular masterpiece today.

Season 6 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Blue River, Nature's Edge, Morning Mist, Whispering Stream, Secluded Forest, Snow Trail, Arctic Beauty, Horizons West, High Chateau, Country Life, Western Expanse, Marshlands, and Blaze of Color.

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People don’t worry. The dislikes were just happy accidents

Author — some idiot lmao


No matter how bad you think your art is, Bob would be proud

Author — heaveniiiy


Bob barely holds himself from laughing everytime he cleans his brush

Author — Human Humanbeing


*Loneliness has joined the chat*
*Bob Ross has joined the chat*
*Loneliness has left the chat*

Author — Exojahblade


They say when artists pass away, God lets them paint the sky. I bet old Bob had quite a few happy little clouds made up there that day

Author — Lucas Hagg


I wonder if this is how God thinks when he's creating things...

Author — Jamie Ingels


It cracks me up when every episode he laughs at himself for beating the devil out of the brush

Author — joaquin reyes


Me: "Wow, this looks pretty nice!!!"

*Ross paints another tree

Me: "Whoa, now it's perfect!!"

*Ross paints a stream

Me: "Oh my..."

This seems to be a recurring theme in Bob Ross's Joy of Painting episodes.

Author — HERPy derpy


The sound of his knife scraping the pallete and the sound of his brush tapping the canvas are my favourite sounds on the planet. And trust me I've heard Freddie Mercury sing.

Author — dirtyrat


He's here for your lonely sleepless nights

Author — Mouad Hamrani


Its so comforting watching him paint...currently 3:30am

Author — Blanca Agüero


hey YouTube,
can you ban all 1, 000+ dislikes on this vid.

Global Citizen

Author — Ed


Bob Ross: **paints beautiful art with simple techniques**
Me: I...i might actually be able to do that

Author — Elys-P


Me: opens a paint tube 5 feet away from me
Also me: spills paint on my shirt

Bob: holds paint 1 inch away from shirt.
Also Bob: dosen't get 1 molecule of paint on him

Author — Abdul Mohammed


I remember when I was little, my grandma used to put on episodes of The Joy of Painting when I came to visit. We'd watch it with lunch, and then my grandpa would go make malted milkshakes in his old drinkmaster during the commercials. The last half of the episode was always with milkshakes there in that sunny old living room. Great memories!

Author — Robert Brown


I love how Bob Ross draws two or more of everything because everyone needs a friend in their life.

Author — KaiserDoge


This is my favorite bob Ross painting. The purple sky is so calming. It’s doesn’t feel like a painting to me. It feels like a real place I can drive to and just admire.

Author — Mia Nielsen


Imagine a time where Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers lived at same time, and they had a friendly competition to be the world's most influential and nicest person.

Author — Will Livingston


Other people doing homework: Listens to Lofi Hip hop, or Chill beats
Me: Listens to Bob Ross videos

Author — Maria Medina


This man makes me feel like I can paint a masterpiece, and I can't even paint.

Author — CurtisAlfeld