How To Kill Oppressor MK2 Tryhards In Gta 5 Online

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How To Kill Oppressor MK2 Tryhards In Gta 5 Online 5

In this video we would show you every single way you can kill an Oppressor MK2 user. This pretty much goes over every way to counter these Oppressor MK2 tryhards and griefers. I know there ain't many ways to fight back against this bike, but these are the best methods you'll find anywhere.

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Jesus thats like fighting a heavily armed musquito

Author — Marisa Gilio


Everybody gangster till it says fully loaded protect the turreted vehicles

Author — F- 35


Oppressor Mk2 : I fear no man but that thing
[fully loaded ruiner]
Oppressor MK2 : it scares me!

Author — ꧁whatyoulooking꧂ ok


Ruiner 2000 - this is probably the best counter, but the most expensive one. It has one of the best tracking missiles which are unavoidable 95% of the time. You do not want to use regular Ruiner, you want to start CEO work "Fully Loaded". In this mission you get extremely buffed Ruiner for 20 minutes. It has Insurgent armor, infinite missiles and cannot be locked on at all. Mk2 will never destroy you, and will never avoid any of your missiles, unless it has chaff and is performing a hit'n'run tactics.
Stromberg - good armor (can withstand 5 homming missiles), same tracking missiles as mk2, lesser range though. A good Stromberg driver can freely fight most of the MK2 users. You can hide in the water so they can't lock on to you.
Savage - this beat has glitched hitbox since game release. It causes most of the missiles fly underneath him. Start gaining altitude and spam the cannon \ missiles. You won't be hit when ascending, however when descending or maintaining an altitude may cause you to be rocketed.
Another Oppressor MK2 with chaff. Most of the MK2 users have flares so you have no problem defeating them.
Hunter with co-pilot - take the altitude and let your co-pilot wreck him. Hunter can gain altitude faster than MK2. You need chaff of course.
Be on foot and use explosive sniper \ heavy sniper \ minigun.
IPUC (Insurgent Pick-Up Custom), Halftrack - these have extremely long range guns and massive armor. You need a friend though.
Deluxo \ Vigilante \ Scramjet - these are weak, you may kill MK2's but will surely die as well.
Any jet - all of these are too fast to be hit by MK2. However you may have hard time killing them as well.

Author — I Play The Game


Bro I love you're video's keep it going 🤣

Author — Problem ?


The number one solution: *close application and delete GTA Online forever*

Author — McThiccoMan


I had 4 oppressor mk2 attack me so I hid in the rc car lol

Author — Wouldyouglowme


I thought I had a stroke or something when he didn't put in the Avenger clip

Author — Bodhi The Florida Brown Dog


The bike that has no place in the gta universe and is taken straight from saints row the third you can see they're similar if you have the remastered version of saints row the third

Author — Cooldude468


I got a solution for the p966 on console.

Just switch to homing rockets to see where he is then switch to mg, shouldn’t be that hard, have done it a few times before.

Author — This is epic


Love how in the clips before each “counter” you show off your underpowered vehicle collection

Author — Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt


Cussing in that robotic voice is what keeps me watching the entire video 😂😂

Author — Obnoxious


I love dog fighting others Jets in gta but every time I’m having a fair dog fight against another jet a shitty unskilled mk2 comes and ruins the dog fight

Author — BrightDusty


The thruster can also outrun the oppressor with the thruster in a strait line

Author — G Trivette


The way i love killing these bastards is using my Ruiner 2000, i wished that thing could be buffed (not FL Version)

P.S - GG Hummer, i support your channel from the beginning, i saw you several times on Xbox One btw, feel free to add me: GongasPTA

Author — Gongas // Nissan3000Z


Truster works very well too since you can outrun all missile's by just going straight truster missiles tracking isn't the best but they can hit the target too and truster has countermeasures

Author — Emo Ubin


Just got my akula and won my first two pvp vs oppressor mk2 users lmao, i wasn’t even that good at flying with akula at the time and after watching one of your how to use a helicopter video i gotten a little bit better, i have a oppressor mk2 but i dont like that it only carries 20 missiles, it is hard to gain altitude like a jet or helicopter and its hard to avoid certain homing missiles. Maybe im not the best oppressor mk2 user but I really dont have a desire for that. I been loving tf outta akula 🚁❤️

Author — Tony Scott


I have used the Pyro so much to counter the mk2 and I have defeated a few mk2 in my hydra (one chased me dodged all of his missiles and ran him down and used the missiles to distract him then just cannoned him)

Author — Logan Curnow


Some guy tried griefing me yesterday on one. Pulled out the minigun and blew him away multiple times

Author — Roguewrrior56


when i saw the annihilator at the start i assumed it was gonna be including bcus of it's low hitbox lol baited af

Author — Raid