CrossTalk: Finally, The Midterms (Extended Version)

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CrossTalk: Finally, The Midterms (Extended Version) 4.5

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Finally the midterm elections. And there are many questions. Were these races a referendum on Donald Trump’s time in office? What will the Democrats do in power? And what are Trump’s chances in 2020?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Lionel, Brian Joyce, and Ron Placone.

#RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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This guy in Tennessee seems like a male Rachel Maddow.
Just as delusional, smug and worried about muh Russia.

Author — Felix Thecat


This guy is calling mainstream media free press hahaha, and they are all run by all kinds of lobbies that hate free press and will of the people.

Author — hardikilus dopadikus


Lionel is absolutely right about mainstream media!.

Author — Phill Taylor


Never thought in my lifetime I'd have to watch Russian TV to get the clearest picture of POLITICS in my own country. What's wrong with this picture?

Author — Eric Helfrich


the guy in the middle is living in a different dimension

Author — neonyx22


Do you really believe these voting results? How many Americans truly believe this? I'd really like to know because if you do you are a brain dead zombified fool.

What with the voter purging, and the people stating that the voting machines were actually changing the votes, with the guy in court after the 2016 election, stating that he wrote a program that would change the votes! And you really believe the outcomes!
In Georgia they were seeing the voting machines actually change the votes!
Why is no one screaming that they do a revote???

Author — Janet Baker


Who's the vicious liberal lion on the right?LOL.I'm talking about the cat.

Author — Gerard Vinet


Brian is like an Ice fish taking out of salt water he is finding it difficult to come terms he is not on CNN or BCC 😆😆😆

Author — Bello Ali


Time to start counting ballets. I don't believe these results. I believe that this is a case of rigged results. No way this happens without criminal manipulation. They've gotten a away with everything, including murder, so far, so they just went ahead with treason. Who's stopping them??

Author — Loreen Degenstein


"Echo Chamber" - John Pilger

And he was

Author — Ade Larsen


Seems like the only function of the FBI over the last two decades has been to keep Hillary Clinton out of jail. American's faith in the government is not going to be restored until she goes to jail for at least 5-10 years. Seriously. Hillary Clinton is the deep state corruption of our government and until she is removed, punished, and prohibited from ever coming back we can't move on.

Author — Cynthia Johnson


There are exceptional people everywhere. America as a country used to be exceptional but fell asleep as behind the scenes globalists elites took control of both parties. We can be exceptional again, but we must put Godly morals back in charge as Putin has done in Russia. Republicans could have won the house IF they ran on anti war and staged anti war rallies, but the problem is most of them are NOT anti war. We who are real conservatives are far too few to take over the Republican party and so it suffers from lack of integrity.

Author — Rollin Shultz


Let me say this once and for all: THE ECONOMY IS NOT DOING WELL!!! When you use the metric of mega-corporations doing stock buy-backs, thereby artificially inflating the market, it does not translate to the people. It is a consolidation of power. 
Unemployment numbers that are shown on TV are cooked beyond recognition and do not include the many 10's of thousands that have left the workforce, on top of the fact that the "job creation" has almost exclusively been in the service industry, and ON TOP of that- wages are stagnant as inflation continues to rise.

Author — Tim Flobug


That "we are not at war" comment by the middle guy reveals what's truly wrong with the mainstream media.

Author — Cambodia Joe


If the corporate media do not follow the constitution then revoke their licenses... and a real president should be very much concerned about mass media and their integrity and code of conduct.

Author — Sukhee D


Ron Placone portions of this video:
2:20-3:36 Election is as we would expect, election summary
8:25-10:00 High turnout, Cavanaugh, caravan, democrats weak messaging
14:36-16:09 Talking too much about Trump, narrative on things that don't matter
20:15-21:22 Media cycle on immigration
24:43-26:23 Panel consensus, end military budgets, but never gets talked about, Ron's midterm election takeaways (grass roots, ballot initiatives like public bank and rent control)
32:32-33:16 What about 2020?

Author — codingkriggs


It's called intentional gridlock, it happens in the middle of Every presidential term since I was alive (I'm 50) it's an excuse for imperialistic tyranny.

Author — Orange Jewlius


8:00 "It's the economy...?"
8:03 "It's not the economy, stupid!"
They are friends! That's how friends talk! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Imre Kalman


AI love Ron from the Jimmy Dore show, great addition guys!!!!
And wonderful, his cat is also there!!!

Author — Shrappnells


On the plus side, Trump won't get impeached, but we'll have to deal with two more years of false accusations and scandals.

Author — roamer45