F-22 Raptors Landing At Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

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Four U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors arrive at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany on August 28, 2015. This is the first ever European F-22 training deployment. Credits: SrA Rusty Frank, SrA Sarah Denewellis, SSgt Chad Warren

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Wooowwww a really long wheely LoL nice Landing and fantastic Video thumb Up

Author — RCHeliJet


Man, this is history in the making! One of the `22s also has mission marks painted under the cockpit, as well.

Author — John Osbourn


I remember F-16s at Happy Hahn AFB whenever I was stationed in Germany. A lifetime ago.

Author — wesley mccurtain


In 1961 I watched Colonel Grumbles land 041, the first F-105 assigned to Spangdahlem. It was not the first 105 in USAFE, though--Bitburg was already operating at least one squadron of them before Spang got theirs. A few of us gun plumbers went TDY to Bitburg and Wheelus to train on Bitburg's planes before ours arrived. The F-22 is a beautiful plane, but the Thunderchief made quite a splash in its day. Fifty-four years ago. Time does fly.

Author — Hopelessand Forlorn


Wonder what it's like crossing the Atlantic in that beast

Author — Raymond Thomas


Welcome to Germany! Go USAF, go Raptor-drivers!

Author — Michel Tangy


Nice Video :D Live very close to spangdahlem, hope to see these beautis very soon in actin :D

Author — Dr. Evil


I have to give it to you. You knew how to end this video in the last 5 seconds.

Author — buddacafe


Beasts of beauty and destruction.
thanks for posting this.

Author — Carlos Ramos


Lots of memories working F-4Gs and F-16s in those same aircraft shelters (HAS). Eight years at Spang ('92-'00) and still my all-time favorite assignment!

Author — Dan Lesovsky


Respect... I was stationed there from 1987-1990.... As a Security Policeman.

Author — ZZ Sing


Does anyone know how many time it take to reach Germany with those planes ?

Author — Breizh Vince


Testing out the global Raptor 24-48 hours 4 ship deployment along with crew and parts on 1 C-17 anywhere in the world. If need be, F-22 can land in less than 800m, so good luck targeting every airport in Europe with that spec. C-17 can land later when runway it patched up, on on a field, lots of flat open fields in Europe to accommodate even the heavies.

Author — Marjus Plaku


1:27 Holy shit 097, that's my aircraft!!!!



Raptors from Tyndall representing Panama City, FL!!! Stick it to them Russkies! These exact jets have flown over my house everday. In person, they look almost extra-terrestrial. I also used to live at Bitburg AFB which is 20min from Spang. Pure awesomness!!!

Author — South Paw


So beautiful fighters. I hope they gonna train with our Polish F-16 52+ during Belarusian-Russia "Shild of unity 2015". Thay can test and scan soviet aircafs from Polish air sapce.
Anyway, truly amazing mashines.

Author — JMierzwa


Some of those hangers were there when I was stationed there in 1967-68

Author — Eugene Dasher


i wonder how many hours it takes to fly a military airplane from American continent to European .

Author — Nick Alpha


you just cant show a few seconds b4 touchdown can you

Author — arthur


Do they keep the nose up on purpose after they touched down?

Author — MrBreezY270