Captain in Charge of Naya Rivera Search Shares New Details From Day She Was Found (Exclusive)

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Captain in Charge of Naya Rivera Search Shares New Details From Day She Was Found (Exclusive) 5

ET spoke with the search captain from the team that recovered Naya Rivera's body in Lake Piru earlier this week.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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Y’all are underestimating how easy it is to drown. Strong swimmers drown all the time. It was a tragic accident.

Author — princessbabe1313


She must have been so scared for her son as she lost her strength. It's just heartbreaking. 😭

Author — IntrepidFraidyCat


I normally don’t cry for celebrities but knowing she saved her beautiful son and knowing that he was the last face she saw...breaks my heart. I pray that Naya’s family and friends stay close to Josey and constantly remind him and show him how awesome his mommy was...RIL

Author — Mystery G.


She was found on the exact day Corey died. She was found when her friends and family came the the lake. Wow.

Author — Throwaway That’ll Stay


For all those speculating about suicide.
I just want to say that I have nearly drowned to the point of knowing I was going to die and having to be resuscitated. I knew I couldn’t get out of my situation, in my frantic (last) moments in my mind I said goodbye to my parents and siblings and I said sorry to them for being so bloody stupid as to go white water rafting, and I wished I could see them just one last time to explain why I went rafting and how sorry I was. And then, deep underwater and unable to get out I had to breathe. It is the worst feeling in the world. Knowing that when I did I was going to take in a lung full of water not air. Your lungs literally spasm, your mind goes crazy trying to save your body, your coughing out water and then breathing it straight back in, you’re fighting so hard to get the water out of your lungs and to get air into them and you can’t get out from under the water. It is a physical violent fight for survival. There is nothing peaceful about it. You couldn’t commit suicide this way in a lake and near your boat. You just physically couldn’t do it unless you tied a cement block to weigh your body down.

To add, Naya’s last act was to save her baby boys life. I hope wherever she is that she knows that she succeeded 🙌💖💖🙏
Rest in Paradise now Naya 🙌💖

Author — Octavia


The greatest sacrifice of a mother is to save your child's life over your own and that is what she did. God rest her soul

Author — vegas girl


Celebrity deaths usually don’t get to me, but this one really has. I’m thinking of her family and friends in these times

Author — C


Guys this is Freshwater! You're less buoyant without the salt, and it's harder to stay afloat.

Author — jomsart


That very same thing happened to me while on a houseboat with my family. I was playing around in the water (without a lifevest) and without noticing I was slowly drifting away from the boat. I tried to swim back (I am NOT a strong swimmer), but there was a slight undercurrent so my efforts seemed to be in vain, as I was not getting any closer (rather the opposite)...and I was getting exhausted. I was too embarrassed to call for help, I thought I could do it on my own. There were lots of kids in our group, the grown-ups were BBQing, and other activities were going on, so no one noticed me, after awhile I drifted VERY far. I eventually had to swallow my pride and call out for help. My brother jumped in the water and swam to me, as my sister was throwing me a life preserve (I was too far away for it to reach me). It took a long time for my brother to assist me back to the boat. If I had not had grown-ups to assist me, I definitely would have drown!

I feel for this family, and especially her little boy! 😭

Author — Trish Benson


That adrenaline-pumping / scary music in the background is really unnecessary and disrespectful. This isn't a trailer. This is real life (and death).

Author — KevenTalks


Doesn’t look like a very appealing place to swim.

Author — DoxyLady


Just watched an older interview with her and she says that she was named after a water goddess called naya on fantasy island, so crazy how coincidental that is! Rip beautiful, you will be missed angel💔

Author — Hollie xo


I feel so bad for her boy, i hope this doesn’t effect him for the rest of his life.

Author — Jason B


I feel like I’m still in shock and disbelief. I still havnt cone to terms with what has happened yet. It must be so much harder for her friends and family

Author — Angela Ziegler


The professionals don’t even know 100%, but boy all you commenters sure do 🙄

May she Rest In Peace and lots of love sent to that sweet boy 💕

Author — Sarah


These comments show just how ignorant most people are. Scary.

Author — Diamond Tribe


A friend of mine and his father were fishing in the local lake. Dad fell in, couldn't swim. In his panic, while my friend was trying to save him, dad kept pulling him under. They both drowned. Be safe no matter where u swim. They fished in this lake all his life. He probably never thought...left behind his beautiful 3 yr old daughter.

Author — Barbi Button


Perhaps when her son is old enough to articulate what actually transpired he will talk about it and we will know what happened that day.

Author — hellomynameisjoe


To anyone who is saying that she committed suicide: that is an absolutely disgusting & distraught thing to say. Why would she go on a boat ride with her 4 year old son if those were her intentions?? Exactly. She DID NOT commit suicide. She even talked about in all of her last posts about how much she loved & adored her son and she urged ppl to cherish each day bc you never know when it is your last. She also said that she never wanted to miss anything. She clearly suddenly drowned by the aggressive tide. (There were other drownings in that lake before, around 12 reported drownings I believe, but Naya grew up by that lake & she had been there many times before, so ofc she wasn’t expecting to drown). Don’t spread misinformation, especially when that is what you are saying. RIP Naya, you were a beautiful soul ❤️❤️ and God bless to your beautiful baby boy 💔💔

Author — Kate Lee


Heather Morris you are a Saint. You never left her for a minute. Good friends do that. Love you always!!!

Author — Southern Skeeter