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Do you want to tow your caravan with multiple vehicles and not have to put brake controllers in each one of those vehicles?

This here is an Elecbrakes brake controller. It's different to most other brake controllers on the market, in respect it actually mounts to your van or trailer.

It sources power from your brake lights, your park lights, and you can also wire an auxiliary feed to it, so it ensures it's always got plenty of power going to it. What it does is it's got a Bluetooth connection to either your phone or this remote that you can use, either, or.

The Bluetooth connection is then used to adjust the settings in it and so that'll give you a braking profile. What it then does, it's got microprocessors and accelerometers in it and these then regulate or proportion how much power goes to electric brakes. So that means that this is a fully-proportional brake controller that operates as good as most others on the market, or better.

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The Curt Echo Mobile Brake Controller seem easier - no mounting!



You mentioned 'also wire an auxiliary feed to it so it has plenty of power going to it'. How is that done? what pin does the elecbrake adapter draw the aux power from? TIA

Author — steven nixon


Thanks my grandfather was able to understand

Author — Reluctant Reader


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How do you adjusted brakes or apply emergency breaking when it’s against the law to use your phone in Australia

Author — Eddie Calleja