GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Top 10 Tips And Tricks

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Top 10 Tips And Tricks 5

Me doing a top 10 on tips and tricks in the new Diamond Casino Heist.

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I hope this helps people out. Are there any other tips or tricks that I missed? Let me know down below. Also here is a link to GTAMEN’s guides on the signal jammer locations he made a very useful guide on it and the navy revolver. Check out his channel as well guys. He has a great channel

Author — TheProfessional


Does anyone get a notification to say Wendy was added as a contact every time you join a session? Or is it just me. Also if you see this Professional love your videos man so nice to watch a GTA YouTuber that doesn't click bait :)

Author — Trottsky85


Players: Take out guards silently
Camera: Let me introduce myself

Author — Dim Compact


I still bought the vault door and the casino model because I'm a bit of a completionist.

Author — kurisu7885


Can u do a Top 5 list of vehicles that everyone should own in 2020.

Author — Maverick Jones


For keypad hack I take a picture on my phone it really helps (but I only do this when I don’t do any of the preps because it’s quick) but if you are doing preps then do the level 2 security prep and you don’t have to do the blue dots and only the fingerprint in the vault.

Author — Tom Jackson


Does anyone still get that notification the u have Wendy as a contact when joining a session?

Author — Zone Playz


The amount of money that you invest into getting all the arcade machines doesnt justify the 5k daily payout. You'll never make your money back.

Author — MazeMaker4Life


A few more pointers:
1. Selecting the Yung Ancestor merch during the con as host gives you the trade price for the Grotti Furia and you get rifles right from the getgo. He even lets you drive his furia as a getaway car.
2. Don't hire Chester as your gunman because it severely limits how much ammo you can have and he's expensive. Gustavo also hides your weapons in a bag in the casino so he is also not really worth it. In fact I would reccomend the worst gunman of all with the Machine Pistol loadout on stealth if you are trying to go undetected all the way through. Always aim for the head and communicate with the team.
3. Eddie Toh is bugged atm. He is supposed to give you one car then gives you unupgraded Karumas.
4. When on Silent and Sneaky you must wipe every single guard on the basement floor or bodies will get spotted. Destroy ONE camera down there if you have to.
5. Always pick the best hacker possible. This gives you more time to clean out the vault. The other two dont really seem to do much except influence what cars and guns you get. The car spawns dont seem to even be affected by what driver you get.
6. Basically always pick the Staff Room as your exit point. And then most of the time you wanna hop the fence in front of that to run down the length of the race track and then go from there. Hug the wall (while going to the right) and keep quiet if on stealth and if your getaway cars don't spawn near there consider jacking one off the street and then maybe drive straight into the sewers.

Author — Fox McCloud 007


Lester: Hide your guns and dont be suspicious. Take it easy

Random: start shooting guard at start of bugstar

Author — Saunasieppo


The one dislike is from the casino owner

Author — Azure Hazard


I blew up Packie accidentally while doing a prep mission

Author — gentlemen.


Does anybody else wish we had security cameras in the arcade?



While hacking the cameras in the cameras, you can swing every camera, and gather all POIs

Author — Jonathan Stoos


I would love to see how to start GTA Online 2020

Author — Raikasta


Correction: #5

The “Daily Take” vault has a completely random value, mostly generated in *amount per stack of cash*

The lowest I’ve personally gotten from this is about 22K, but the values change throughout each different run. The highest I’ve gotten was about 92K

Worth the detour only in stealth missions imo.

Author — thewrench01


It's weird that when I finally got packie, I lost the cops and packie he said "good kid go-" and then I suddenly unlocked him, he just disappeared, I didnt even need to drop him off, but I still got him but that was just random.

Author — Mr. Awesome


I just randomly was attacked by the slasher. It happened when I was on my second account on pc and while I was getting the double action revolver driving the cutscene of picking it up there was a dude slashing me with a machete

Author — Will Mc17


Note: you CAN be raided on your businesses with the arcade

Author — Bacon Shake


Here's a gold one for you;
When you get out of the gasino at the end of the heist, don't use your getaway vehicles. Just grab the nearest car and go into the tunnel closeby where you can easily get rid of the cops.
Or for much better option; if you don't go inside that tunnel, a helicopter spawns on top of the hospital nearby. You can go to the buyer much faster that way.

Author — Mechronastamuth