OMORI OST - A Home For Flowers (Tulip) [EXTENDED 1 HOUR VERSION]

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I noticed that nobody had made an extended version of what is in my opinion the best version of A Home For Flowers, so I decided to make one myself !

The art used in the video is made by my good friend Osulan, also known as @Loupiote_Bleue on Twitter and and loupiote_bleue on Instagram ! Please go check out her incredible art ! :D

The game OMORI is created by OMO CAT, and "A Home For Flowers (Tulip)", is composed by Pedro Silva.
I did not make the song, I am simply extending it !

💬 Comments

reasons why sunny made dreamworld basil disappear:

- He was about to tell the truth about Mari

- He called omori a simple flower

Author — Noah Gandolfo


basil looks like he just cracked a joke and is waiting for everyone to laugh

Author — ZoraDaydream


I like how Omori is like “This me?”
And Basil is watching like “I hope you like it Omori! :)”

Author — Nehemiah


These are white tulips. Tulips aren't very flashy plants. They're not too big or small, not too elaborate or flamboyant.
If I could put in another way... I guess I would say that they're comfortable. Simple, modest, and perfect.

Just like Sunny.

Author — Are you upset?


He was staring at those flowers for an hour, six minutes and twenty two seconds.

Author — Vottles


"Omori please do not eat the flowers"
"Omori I know you're thinking it."
"mmm tulip"
"Omori NO"

Author — Bloodyidit


I just HAVE TO say it. Plain, simple and bolbous just like omori!

Author — Basil the Flowerboy


"Tulips are plain, simple, and bulbous, just like Omori! :3"

Omori: 😒

Author — Pantisu chan


The feeling I get from this song is super hard to describe. It’s like visiting your childhood elementary school, but you’re there in the early evening and the campus is empty. It’s like being back in your first grade classroom after a highschool graduation and nothing has changed at all, y’know?

Author — Its_Jiou


Your friends art looks so cute!! I love they're artstyle 💞💞

Author — Rossa KR


Basil called him bulbous... so Omori sent him to black space 😢

Author — Oatmeal_Cookiez


this makes me feel very nostalgic, sad, empty, and relaxed all at the same time

Author — coalchi


A home for flowers sunny/omori version, a dream of messages like a tulip and its color meanings but without a color it's questionable on its purpose... respect, purity, honor, and forgiveness are a white flower's instant results on its meaning

Author — Shortfur


I'm not sure exactly why, but this song hits extra hard.

Author — Bowler


idk why but omori reminds me of my cat. shes not black and white, she just likes killing stuff. and rubbing her head on my laptop

Author — GhostyGummy


I wish I knew how to draw like that...
It looks amazing!

-Thanks for doing this extension too, I realized too late that this track was actually pretty good :)

Author — ZapitoS3


I have a confession

I’ve been listening to this none stop **every day.**

Thank you for listening to my Ted talk 🙇‍♂️

Author — Tabzy T


“ you seriously telling me that this flower is me and me is flower? Kinda sus innit bruv”

Author — Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza


Plain, simple and bulbous, just like Omori!

What a great song and what an even greater game. Thank you for everything Omocat.

Author — piss


This was the video which actually got me into Omori believe it or not! I was just watching a video and saw it in my recommended and clicked on it cause I liked the art. I then saw someone play it and really liked it. So thanks!

Author — Bumble B