'Funny' Slaves: Herman Cain & Neal Boortz

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain was on the radio show of right-winger Neal Boortz and Cain had a laugh over Boortz's comments regarding slave ancestors. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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Awwww come on man, He laughed at it because he knew it was a joke and he can laugh at himself XD that's a great quality in a person, the ability to laugh at yourself, means you have humility :)

Author — Doctor Ness Prophet


People laugh at times of uncomfortable topics and relief all the time. How are people unaware of this? This segment reminds me of "reality" TV shows, where people ham it up for the camera, pretending to be outraged and not understand common human behavior.

Author — Daywalker87


Neal Boortz- "phew that was almost awkward. i thought for a second there that i would be owning you now if my ancestors had got what they wanted and there was still slavery."
Herman Cain- "AHAHAHAHAHAAA that funny masta"

Author — charbroiledmonk1033


"You know who else didn't attend the civil rights protests? The president."

Oh my God...that was the threshold of my self constraint to knocking something dan.

Author — Aiman Faruqi


I heard this interview when it came on, it made my stomach turn.

Author — johnqpublic781


Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Author — youcreatea X


I once called in to Neal's show and made him come unglued when I asked him the difference between Mike Tyson and Thomas Jefferson.

Author — Phillip Norris


After the show:

Boortz: Good boy Hermie, good boy.

Cain: Yessy sirs, I's a good boi!

Author — niriop


I don't know if this makes me a bad person but I think it's fine that he laughed.

Author — fathernicolow


@sammaggie234 I listened to the whole interview. I think it was genuine laughter. He and Neal Boortz are good personal friends. They were discussing other racial topics. I think Cain really means the things that he's saying. It's pretty clear if you listen to the whole interview where Cain also bashed on the liberals who are targeting him because he's a black conservative.

Author — HyrbidHermit


"my people used to own your people"
... roflmao... those conservatives love to laugh...

Author — dangerouslytalented


I LOVE strong, educated black men. You go, JR!

Author — EatAnElephant


Keep giving Cain play time, it's working in the polls!!!

Author — carlos ranel


Herman Cain is really skilled in saying "Yes Massa" in so many different ways.

Author — taxiuniversum


@A86 With my second paragraph, I was talking about black people, though my family only moved up significantly in the late 70's to 80's.

The last part of what I said still has merit. For whatever past racism from people who happen to share my color, I don't really care. It wasn't me. The current problems must be rectified. Living people are far more important than the deeds and misdeeds of the dead. Know the history, don't feel responsible for it especially when you fight against it.

Author — ILikeTheThingsIDo


Cain's response, whether contrived or spontaneous, is outrageous. Simply outrageous.

Author — ...g


I love how Cenk thinks Cain was just there to plz Neal. They've been FRIENDS for 20 years, he didn't say it to someone he didn't know they did radio in the same damn building. Neal even said it was very crude, stupid Cenk. Also you can't criticize Cain for not being there and then say criticizing Obama for not being their is unfounded. Cain was only 18 in 1964, maybe Cenk if you knew anything about Neal or Cain you'd get it. Neal said the people who didn't HEED the warning were stupid

Author — PatriotNotGovernment


I am as tired of the "I come from a family of slaves" as I am tired of "I am a christian. jesus changed my heart."

Author — cpufightclub


Herman Cain is the definition of cant beat em, join em

Author — Francisco Antonio Santana


Unbelievable. I'm truly in disbelief that there is a living, breating version of Uncle Ruckus--that's competing in the GOP field! Even the most far-fetched writer couldn't make this shit up!

Author — Tokopol