Lebanon's atheists on losing their religion - BBC News

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Lebanon's atheists on losing their religion - BBC News 4
In a country where your faith defines you from birth, some are taking the rare step of removing their religious designation.

In Lebanon personal piety has declined some 43% over the past decade, indicating less than a quarter of the population now define themselves as religious.

The BBC spoke to two devout atheists in Lebanon about how they moved away from religion, in a country where doing so is considered taboo.

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I don't care whether you are an atheist, an agnostic, a theist, a pantheist, a deist, a polytheist, a monotheist, a panentheist, a misotheist, a ditheist or an animist. Just don't force your beliefs onto others. If they are interested in your beliefs, they will voluntarily listen to you, but just don't force your beliefs upon others when they are not interested. Doing otherwise might help you win their body, but not their heart.

Author — aeiou


It took me 21 years to ask a question, but you are lucky to start to think at 10. Religion is one of the troublemakers in the modern world, and it sucks everyone. It talks about peace and urges its followers to do the opposite. Heaven, hell and life after death is a myth. Religion wants people to believe they preach and plays black magic to remain them under custody.

Author — Roshan Johny


May intellect free the Lebanese!I love his words!

Author — Dania Dessine


Are you deleting comments again BBC??? Naughty naughty

Author — AJ P


Well, I’ve been atheist through out of my life
Now growing faith

Author — xXxArdenTdevilxXx


Ten years, I was atheist by the time I was eight and no one influenced me.

Author — Ibrahim zen


There are alot of people like mustafa in this world but they can’t admit atheism because of societal pressures. For those of you who come from a more open minded country you have to realise what these people did takes alot of courage

Author — Khushal Khan


It sounds very much like the west in the 17th century or the U.S. south today.

Author — Mark Green


These are good people there is to much hate towards others in many Religions, if there is a heaven I believe it will be for good people not 'religious' people.

Author — Bert


I was Catholic and Muslim I understand where they are coming from. That ex Muslim guy and his mother are good examples of how you can love your family while not believing in their fairytales. We once believed in those stories too so we understand

Author — Castlevaniac


Mother > religion and God

Author — lalit Sharma


his parents taught him that people drinking alocohol do bad things but he saw that they were not,

Author — steinadler Adler


If someone asks me about my religious views, I would state I believe in being a good person to myself and those around me, if someone has a different view that leads them to the same conclusion, then is it wrong?

Author — Sol


I was once an hardline hindu, now I am an atheist. Thank you Christopher hitchens.

Author — Aravind


That's my Chemistry teacher
2aywa sir Salim!
Naja7et finals 2estez

Author — Charelle Gacha!


Truth, love and understanding between humans! Regardless of where you are from, and what you believe - the future of our children must be built with this, the roadmaps of the past were not written with the global perspective we have access to now. Time to talk and explore together. We have everything to gain, and a sky full of stars to reach.

Author — Markus Tanbeck


Welcome my brothers to the world of science and logic and reason! Proud to see my fellow humans discarding the outdated and archaic belief systems founded in ignorance and fear!

Author — Jason Forester


I never trust adults who haven't grown out of imaginary friends

Author — Anders


This must be a message for all those who spread hate on the name of religion, doing so reduces people's trust in the religion.

Though the RATIONAL thing here would be to loose trust in those people, rather the whole religion.

Author — Grusome Love


Science is a method of HOW. You DON'T worship HOW, that's what happened to Darwinian, Newtonian etc. You push HOW as far as practicably possible until you stop at absolute WHY (which the physicists have been attempting so far). Until they can produce anti matter out of THIN AIR then it's still a progress of HOW & a quest for WHY.
Any man made ideologies (Atheist, Agnostic, Socialism, Capitalism, and so on anything that give a framework through standard and mold preferences/bias) are subjective when compared to each other. As a so called "scientific" person, it's impossible to pick the best ideology because man-made opinions & interpretations was limited to a level of perception constraints, standards, to even start a scrutiny process. The people who worship money (the capitalist) will say they hold better candle then socialists, and the socialist will happily beg to differ and so on.
As for Divine ideologies, you should check its legitimacy&integrity of artifacts, witness & testimony that has proven method of chain/traceability, ultimately the reasoning (logic&sense) to start with.
It's sad to know that people back then, though could distinguished signs of FART, believe that it was not there just because its spectrum were yet perceivable to the eyes.

Author — putra rajasinga