Kristol: Trump looks 'demoralized' at G7 meetings

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Kristol: Trump looks 'demoralized' at G7 meetings 4
In the face of possible economic distress, trade wars and a re-election campaign, conservative writer Bill Kristol says President Trump looks demoralized at the G7 meetings.

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He looks depressed because he realizes that after he loses the 2020 election that he's going to prison.

Author — George Layton


Santorum and Lindsey Graham are poster children for people in politics that abandoned all decency, sense of duty and become servile and obsequious for whoever is in power.

Author — 1952mclean


Trump is clearly in over his head ... Just like we all know he would be... The guy is Clueless...

Author — E Ecby


Sanatorium knows Trump is spiraling out of control but he and the rest of maga country have to hold on to their grand wizard. He’s all they have 🤪

Author — Crwth Ghiikilzic


What in the name of all things unholy is Santorum doing on CNN? He should go and play with the rest of the children on Fox.

Author — Per Keyser


I hope he has second thoughts about a second term. Worst president ever. Over his head. Incompetent. Volatile. Juvenile. Racist. Misogynist. Sexual predator. Liar. Narcissist. Phony Christian.
Hope his supporters have second thoughts.

Author — Cindy Yeager


Why would anyone put Santorum on a panel? He simply repeats 45’s lies.

Author — Shelly Skye


Rick Santorum tucked his manhood away and has fully become a Trump toe licker. What a loser.

Author — Jesse J


Santorum is SUCH a waste of oxygen. WHY, why give the sycophants air time?? They add NO truth to any conversation.

Author — J&A Burchfield


trump is outclassed among world leaders. he clearly is clueless. God help us.

Author — Randy Owens


Donald Trump hates being amongst intellectuals who know what they're talking about. It makes him feel small, he gets off on demeaning and belittling people, and here at the G7 he cannot do that!

Author — A Coetzee


Drump is a Russian asset and Putin tells him what to say and do. Cause no one want Russia back in the summit but drump.

Author — Angela Howard


drumph: I have second thoughts about everything, and they are just as stupid as my first thoughts.

Author — Jeano k


Reporter: "Do you have any second thoughts?"

Trump: "Sure, might as well."

Author — Richard Ascensio


Santorum should be crucified, just like his religion dictates. He's dirty.

Author — Nancy Prevost


"I have second thoughts about everything" 😭😭 This clown doesn't even have a first thought.

Author — A. Osman


Trump has "second thoughts about everything" except for telling the truth.

Author — Thomas Moeller


Santorum is a typical gop sycophant, spineless and a lack of moral compass.

Author — Flb843c Imp47


damn, man, trump the obvious russian candidate ; didnt the kremlin explode in ovation when trump "won" ?

Author — rickfoxx99


Ffs I hate Trump with every bone in my body, but even I understand that he means that he Re-evaluate everything constantly. No regrets, only narcissistic calculations.

Author — Rndm Fella