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The War in October: The Crossing (Part 1) | Featured Documentary 4.5

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat once called it the last war. But 40 years after Sadat uttered those words, the Arab-Israeli conflict has no end in sight. The story of the war that Egyptians call the October War and Israelis know as the Yom Kippur War has never been thoroughly explored.

So what happened during those three weeks in October 1973?

To this day, both sides - Arabs and Israelis - claim to be the victors.

It was a war that brought the world to the brink of a nuclear confrontation between two global superpowers, the US and the Soviet Union.

It also gave the world a fuel crisis and a new entry in the dictionary 'Shuttle Diplomacy', as Henry Kissinger, the US secretary of state, flew from country to country in an effort to broker a peace deal.

Egypt's 2011 revolution and the toppling of the old regime resulted in the discovery and opening of many previously undisclosed files related to the war in October. It provided us with unprecedented access to participants in it and to the places where they fought.

The War in October draws on rare film archive selected from many sources around the world, along with graphic illustrations, maps, and animated sequences to plot the movements of forces in the many battlefields of the conflict.

The series features interviews with people who planned and fought in the three weeks of battles that took place on both the Egyptian and Syrian front, including characters from other countries that participated in the fighting - Iraqi, Jordanian, Moroccan and Palestinian. The interviewees include experts, diplomats, officials and members of the military from the US, the former Soviet Union and Europe.

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There coming aday when nation will not make a war against Jacob.that day Allah will be cursed into lake of fire

Author — alex mwangi


Wow at the beginning, it's like watching a James Bond movie.

Author — Heidi Fikred


aljazeera forgot to mention that king hussein of jordan flew to israel to warn them about the incoming attack from syria and egypt.

Author — Mr.Logic23


lynette nusbacher was a man last time I saw him! lol

Author — Vaught


The only times the Sunnis and Shias fight together is when they want to take down Israel.

Author — Joseph Ybarra


23:38 --- Wait, What!? The Elites must be laughing at us uncontrollably.

Author — Gary Anderson II


Wish we could all just be friends. Life is so much better that way.

Author — Joe


it reminds me of that joke: "why did the kind of belgium award his hole olympic swim team the gold medal? - because they didn't drown" - when you set your criteria for victory so low, its impossible to be disapointed :)

Author — hosank


I just wish Hebrew sounded better. It makes my ears bleed. Those awful coarse phlegmy sounds are unbearable.. Many, many people agree. Just substitute the ”kh” sounds with softer and more pleasuping ’h’ sounds. Problem solved.

Author — Janet Wunder


The voice and the face of poor Lynnette I remember him well

Author — SandhoeFlyer


Pride comes before a fall never underestimate your foe especially when they're fighting for their life

Author — Tom Zeman


I am only 14 minutes in, and I am already astonished.... I never thought I'd see the day when Aljezeera made a documentary about Israel that didn't show the Jews with horns growing out of their heads.
This is so far; a well balanced production that is shockingly made by Aljezeera.... I think I might not exist

Author — Beni Habibi


I love the narrator, how she tells the story

Author — MrThirstysuperior


Blessings to everyone, Peace and joy. Regards from Costa Rica

Author — Johnny Lopez


Here we go again. Syria actually had better tanks. Tanks that could fight at night, the latest Soviet weaponry, not to mention an incredibly effective air defense system. Bad decisions led to defeat, not hardware, in Syria's case.

Author — Sebastián Arboleda


thank you for your words you are totally right

Author — lord war


This is one of the rare occasions where an Arabic media outlet puts the effort to make a war documentary in English. Great effort that is much appreciated.

Author — mkz42279


"The Egyptian's biggest advantage over [the Israelis] in the Yom Kippur War was that they didn't lie to themselves regarding how they functioned in the Six Day War, and they fixed what they were capable of fixing. We [.the Israeli's] liked to ourselves about what had happened in the Six Day War and now we paid the price. -- Uri Milstein - Israeli Military Historian

The above parallels the arrogance of Western Armies after the First Gulf War.

Author — Paul Harper


just stop selling weapons and start selling good weed maybe wars will end PEACE

Author — Boss Kelso


and in 2019, who controls the Golan heights now..?

Author — paulspydar