Cory Monteith Spirit Box - He’s in HEAVEN with NAYA RIVERA! (Cory from Glee).

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Cory Monteith Spirit Box - He’s in HEAVEN with NAYA RIVERA! (Cory from Glee). 5

Cory Monteith GHOST BOX session.
Today we reach out to the spirit of Cory Monteith from TV series glee. Cory starred as Finn on glee I Emily was a very popular figure within the TV series. Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose in 2013. This left many of his fans upset which is why we are reaching out to him today, to give closure to some of his greatest fans. Corey also comes through talking about Naya Riviera, his friend and former glee cast member. He comes through talking about him and Naya Rivera on the other side. Today, Cory comes through speaking like never before and he has a message for you!

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This has to personally be one of my favourite sessions. I don’t know what it is about session number two, but I just feel such a great connection with Cory in session 2. I also would like to provide context with his last reply. I believe what he is now doing is helping lost spirits or spirits that have not been able to crossover, cross over through “the big door”. Definitely an interesting reply and I’m very happy to know that he’s doing good on the other side.
Thanks for watching and god bless!

Author — Cody ITC


Omg please do Marilyn Monroe! Her side of the story needs to be heard! This was such a great session! I cried remembering his death, I’m so glad he is with Naya and Jesus!

Author — Floraltasmic Adventures


I love this, you could tell that was his voice! also do you think there’s any chance you can do a part 2 on Naya some day?

Author — Melody !


Naya Rivera was laid to rest in July 24, 10 days after the body was recovered. Could be a possibility that he gave you a couple of clues and tell you that he was there?...boat and 24. I am just guessing. Great work, Cody!!!! 🤗🌟

Author — Allie Rod


I was just thinking Cameron Boyce from the show Jessie...

Author — x2cute2sweetx


that was his voice, i heard him one more time. thank you so much thank you

Author — Amy lee


Naya' s funeral was July 24th. Maybe that's what Corey meant when he said "24".

Author — M


He seemed to be such a kind soul in life. It's no surprise that in death he is so loving and helpful to others who have passed.

Author — Nina Jo


So when he said tell her I’m god, was that a message for Lea?

Author — Jennifer Leigh


I’m am beyond grateful that you did this one. Thank you so much for all the work you do. Both Cory and Naya have helped me so much, and it’s so nice to hear from them. Thank you again!

Author — Claire Bengry


Should do Brittney was one of favorite actresses. 💕

Author — Cicily Myore


You know things like this creeps me out okay omg this gives me the shivers it’s just scary. But you know I like to know what’s happening

Author — Roblox Gamer


You should do a session of JonBenét Ramsey

Author — oliviamarieesperanxa


The show must go all over the place or something

Author — Spring Hearted Tiger 62


This breaks my heart I loved Cory all my life in glee when he said “tell her I’m with god “ like tell lea his with god I miss him all my life I can hear his voice 💔🥺

Author — alannah dixon


I miss him so much. I hope he and Naya are happy.

Author — Gabi Estavillo


Hello Cody! Could you please Do Anna Nicole Smith? 😭 I’ve heard that she’s in the dark and need someone to help her. It would mean a lot to her fans💕

Author — 2mint


He still got his funny side. He loves the beach like Naya. FYI, Cody, other tarot card readers have also saw via their cards that Cory helped Naya on the other side. They are together there and Cory have been helping other spirits also in transitioning. Really blessed you Cody for helping spirits have their final message. ❤ Very nice bday gift to me. 🙂

Author — Angela Agcaoili


I dont know if I can believe this but sometimes it actually sounds like him so idk

Author — Detective Taylor Swift


Wow this was so amazing.... He came through as if he was waiting on this....

Author — Aquarius 1111