Lama Rides: Francis St, Lorne. 30%+!?!?!

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Welcome to Francis Street in Lorne. I've ridden a few steep hills before, I've even made it all the way up the Templestowe Hill Climb here in Melbourne. What I wasn't prepared for on Francis St was the 2 minutes of climbing BEFORE it gets really really crazy steep! What a monster of a climb.

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Shane, I have been watching your videos for a while - and I'm not one to comment on videos (much)... You have great content and they are all great... but this one !!! I had to stop and let you know, I feel like I was enduring the pain... what a climb... I could almost feel it and the funny thing is, I said out loud to my daughter next to me - "at this point I would had died on the floor" and 3 second later you drop on your bike... so we both burst in laughter... That was an amazing little climb sir... wow...

Thanks for the great content all the time... and thank you for this climb... :)

Author — Ramses Moya


I remember driving up there in the 70's before it was sealed. Our Kingswood had the power but not the traction to get up that section after the last corner. It was pretty scarey as a kid!

Author — Chris Collins


Well done Shane! From the looks of it, I'm pretty sure you could've gotten to the top if your wheel hadn't gotten trapped in the valley of the gutter at 2:41. Keep trying!

Author — Eli Douek


When you said "36/28" you meant 36 rear cog and 28 chainring, right?! 😜

Sincerely though, heroic effort. 😊

Should consider doing the Dirty Dozen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania if you're a hill climb masochist 😵

Author — Clockwork Chaos


As always thanks Shane for going through hell for our amusement. Hell i bet my bed is more comfy than the road on a 30+% climb.

Author — Its me


My son and I did 2 of the climbs and the one on this video beat us .You got further than us good going👍

Author — Vince De Marco


At +20% it was awesome to see u just throw the bike with every pedal stroke. Loved it!!!

Author — Jeremy Sweeten


Shanne needs to ride some cool mountains in northern Thailand, right? :D

Author — Luis Medeiros


So close! Might need to save the 400W+ power for the super super steep stuff, up above the super steep stuff! :D

Author — swites


That was epic! I boinked at 15% and I was on the couch lol good work bro!

Author — mark denzel


Great effort, compact and a 32 on the back you'll piss it.nice fall, more of this!

Author — Stephen Cowman


That was beautiful and hideous at the same time.Going through that roundabout clockwise was scary too. I've been prank calling people all afternoon with your soundtrack!

Author — John Bailey



Author — VloGA


I didn't expect that ! :-O
When will you Everest it ? :-D

Author — Gousti Fruit


Crazy hill! Almost gaining over a meter elevation per peddle stroke

Author — Kevin Thomson


Hahahaha I love this video! Sums up the suffering of climbing.

Author — dollscometolife


😄looks like fun! 100m elevation gain in 300m💪👌

Author — barryjap


HOLY If the Lama can't do it NO ONE CAN!

Author — Toledo Torpedo


Anyone else dizzy after this? 😂 That looks absolutely nasty

Author — cameron denchfield


36-28, no where near enough! Roadlink and 40 cassette with 34 up front minimum! Maybe even mountain bike cranks fitted!

Author — Waynos Fotos