Inside Nazi Germany

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Private amateur films capturing life under the Nazi regime from the inside include footage shot by Hitler's secret mistress of Nazi officials at leisure, Hitler greeting jubilant crowds in Vienna upon the German annexation of Austria in March 1938, and the violent backlash against Jews there, and the Nazi invasion of Poland.

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Very nice, I have been studying ww2 for 45 years and there was some film here ive never seen before! Keep up the good work!

Author — Tom Bratton


Heartbreaking to watch. Murderous, inhumane fiends. These murderers were monstrous abominations. Couldn't imagine what those people went through. Unimaginable!

Author — Robert Yanes


It's still crazy to think this really isn't that long ago

Author — Casper x


Thank you, very much for this film. As an American, born in the 50's and living in Germany in the 70's I am fascinated by the history of this country. Although many of the scenes of this (and other films) I find extremely disturbing - I am convinced that they must be saved for posterity and document one of the very worst periods of western civilisation.

Author — David Holiday


"When I was a child, my family and I lived in lower Germany in the town of Eisenbrech. Our little town was in what was called the Black Forrest, next to the reservoir of Lake Schluchsee. There are many stories told about this area, and many of these stories contain more truth than you can imagine. As children in those days, we never wandered far from our homes unless our parents were with us and even then, never after dark. There were dark places, forbidden places, where nocturnal things were and people were not allowed. However, some of these creatures, these fabulous monsters, were not content to nap or stay away from us.

Many of my sad memories are of other children, close friends, and even a cousin who disappeared into the night. Some were taken with a shout and others simply disappeared silently. Worse than these losses were cases where certain people, people who could not bear their losses, would arm themselves and go on the hunt for the dark creatures who stole the children.
My parents did their best to shield our eyes from the horrors that followed ... the bags of blood left in the village square one morning, or the confusing symbols carved and scratched into the stone of distant buildings. These seemed to me to be warnings: to stay away, to spread terror and fear in us all.
It all ended in a terrible night of fire when a small number of people returned after weeks of absence. Most were severely injured with deep scratches and bleeding from their ears and eyes. Just minutes after they collapsed from exhaustion, darkness began to flow into the town square from Forrest, seemingly stalking people and daring even our many torches and gaslights to go after them.
I will never forget the monster who appeared then. It seemed to be a tall thin man. Impossibly skinny with long arms and legs that were very hard to distinguish from the trees in which he was hiding, watching us. From the trees and bushes around him flowed new figures, smaller and human-like, running toward us like madmen. The events that unfolded seem vague and blurry to me, they always have been. The night came alive around us with fire as the men of my village lit the trenches full of tar and pitch.
When dawn finally came, I remember being numb with horror as I looked at the destruction my men had wrought on the surrounding Forrest, the charred debris and blackened remnants of trees in stark contrast to the morning gray fog and the glistening puffs of smoke thrown up by the fires. burning.

No bodies were found to bury, and it seemed that we had defeated, or at least driven away, any attacking forces.
As the years passed, no more children were taken, and while we, as humans, were glad of this, we remained vigilant and always cautious. On this day a celebration was celebrated, every year since then on the winter solstice, a feast to honor the slain and to honor the strange enemy we encountered. The elders of our city thought it a happy joke: to start putting on funny and scary masks during the celebration, to give a face to the great and tall faceless creature we all feared so much.

It wasn't until many years later that something unusual happened again, when soldiers came to call young men to war and build a fortress in our neighborhood. Railroads were to be built to move supplies and troops for this war. It was on these railroads and trains that the Doctor arrived. "

Author — Alex _Harnar_618


Great film. Make sure that the historical revisionists don't decide that this film needs to be expunged for some reason as is currently being done with statues and books in this country. Who knows, someone in the near future may decide that we don't need to know what happened in Nazi Germany.

Author — Pat Riley


This is a fabulous glimpse into history! Thank you!

Author — Beardless Odin


When you realize that the lightning bolts on your grandpa's helmet doesn't mean he is an electrician:

Author — LazerLazer Flims


I can imagine back when I was in school if I watched this for a pop quiz or assignment I wouldn’t have taken interest in this at all. And knowing me I probably would’ve gotten a flat C grade too. But right now there’s an odd interest in seeing history for me. Something chilling about the past.

Author — ᄋ설티토드


Heartbreaking when we know where this all led

Author — Doone Watts


Wish all the best for your mission. To remember is a way to fight the chance that this horror can happen again.

Author — Rui Borges


The commentator is amongst the best most linguistic cultured I heard in the last 30 / 40 years - as an American commentator - greetings, appreciation and respect! Peace✌

Author — Yasser-the-Egyptian Mummy


Sad how while the Germans in these clips were getting on with life millions of Indians in India were suffering a famine due to British Policy. At the same time 6M Ukrain's were also starving to death due to Stalin Policies. The world has always been a right mess.

Author — Yabba Dabba Doo


Thank you everything about this is sheer quality history at its best

Author — Vinny


Don't forget that Russia also invaded Poland by mutual agreement with Germany.

Author — Dorothy Gale


Nazis never annexed Austria. Both countries reunited in 1938. Most forgot, that Austria and all other German countries were part of Holy Roman Empire till 1812. From 1813 to 1866 they were part of the German Federation. Not only Hitler was jubilated by the crows in Vienna. Austrian tanks moved to Stuttgart and Munich and were also heartily welcomed by the crowds.

Author — Franco Grapelli


Amateur film has a unique quality to portray daily life and momentous events from a natural, almost innocent depiction of the image. This historic footage is chilling not because of ghastly pictures, rather an almost mundane record of events that were unfolding and were to become catastrophic for the world.

Author — Australia4031


It makes one wonder why our greatest generation fought so hard, and then we see why!

Author — James Kenyon


"He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice!!!"

Author — iwo gajda


I feel like zapping back in time and telling those people to bug out while they still had a chance. The SA, the propaganda on the streets, the graffiti, nazis were a militia with enough power to invade Poland, don't you see the signs? just drop everything right now and go man, just go.

Author — Another Google Account