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A new front in Syria's war - BBC News 4.5
The civil war in Syria looks set to enter a new and even more dangerous phase, with government forces on the move to help Kurdish fighters under attack from Turkey. Turkish forces crossed into Syria last week. The Turkish government regards the Kurdish fighters as terrorists, and wants to occupy a buffer zone reaching 20 miles into Syria. The Kurds have now turned to Syria's President Assad for help. And today Syrian government forces entered several towns just south of the border - setting up a potentially dangerous confrontation with Turkey.

Huw Edwards presents the latest from Syria on tonight's News at Ten, with contributions from International correspondent Orla Guerin, Middle-East correspondent Quentin Sommerville and Middle-East editor Jeremy Bowen.

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Trump gives Turkey the green light to invade and then sanctions them 😂😂

Author — zee zoo


"civil war". More like foreign invasion.

Author — LCarlTBM x


Impose democracy in other countries and leave mess after gaining profits.

Author — psycho someone


Easy to stop the isis wars just stop Toyota from selling them the pick up trucks !

Author — ferkemall


America + Europe causing war in muslims lands.

Author — BoSsOm boss


The bbc are very good at making an invasion sound like civil war pff

Author — Stephen Copley


It is not 'regime' a biased term. It is the legal government of Syria!

Author — MrSparklespring


Makes you wonder had bush and blair left Iraq alone would we be seeing this mess in the middle east today.

Author — Edin Watson


russia syria call for war with turkey. usa staying out .



The Kurds were key to containing ISIS and this is how they get rewarded...simply disgusting, like the entire foreign policy of the US of the past 2 decades...and not just since Trump. It s also highly cynical to complain about Russia s presence in Ukraine whilst basically inviting Turkey to invade Syria...let alone that the US presence there was unlawful to begin with. But hey double standards are the one true constant when it comes to US foreign policy.

Author — Noname Nameless


'Turkey sees the Kurdish forces as terrorists' - can someone explain this pls

Author — Anonymous


West: We are the only people who have the right to invade other nations.

Author — sjo q


I genuinely am confused by all this maddening, never ending violence.

Author — BGivka


BBC still calls it "civil war", they think we are stupid

Author — not today


Why pretend to care about two children when hundreds are dying ?

Author — A c


It was all done after Trumps green light and now Trump will impose sanctions on Turkey?😆😆
At the end....Russia is winning in Middle East😏

Author — hamza abbasi


8.35 "But really that leaves President Assad and his backers to do what they need to do"
Can't these mainstream media eggheads just speak the truth for once. They know(MSM) that once the Kurds merge with Syrian forces the only enemy left for them is Turkey and their radical Islamist militants. Im quite sure syrians prefer a secular regime rather than a Turkey backed Islamic State

Author — Moses Dirbassi


Ghazaw E HIND ⚔️☠️⚔️ Labaik Ya RasoolAllah ♥️

Author — Noman Zafar Ch


The guy in time 02:37 is holding name of 'Abo Saddam', that means he gave the name of his idole to his first son !
Here the problem is, his idole is the dictator of Iraq "Saddam Hussein" !

So we can imagine which kind of shit ideas holds in his mind, which path he grows and educates his children .. 😔 an evil education 😔

Author — YekemCar


Turkey is not lake US to invade country for oil

Author — Zeeshan Khan