How to release your bowling ball | Drills to get your thumb out faster

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How to release your bowling ball | Drills to get your thumb out faster 5

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Broke my TV practicing this at home...

Author — sbs2798uu


This lesson is GOLD. I've been struggling with my new reactive ball until I saw this. THANKS.

Author — Steve Katanik


Anyone know where JR’s old video about having an “offset” thumb hole drilled is?? Been trying to find.

Author — Allen smith


I think what's equally important is learning how to "lock" your thumb into the ball by focusing the grip pressure at the base of the thumb. Doing so can minimize knuckling and drag coming out of the thumb hole.

Author — Tron Noir


JR, f'awesome breakdown of this method/drill.
Curious, have you done any short vids covering the whys/wherefores of the way you tape your fingers and thumb?

Author — Michael Langham


i feel like i cant get my fingers below the ball... I have a 15lb ball and im wondering if its just too heavy but im a pretty athletic guy lol smh

Author — GRAFFLlX


Wowzers! This is THE best video on increasing rev rate and side rotation that I have seen (and I've seen countless ones).
Of course other videos mention getting the thumb to release earlier, but suggest no way to sensitize your self-awareness during that tiny time frame during release. It goes by so fast that you don't really know whether you're doing it better or worse than the previous time you did it! But these exercises (like repetitive slow-motion drills) should develop that sensitization and awareness-building.

P.S. I've always thought that knuckle-draggers seemed to have an inherent advantage in bowling; now I know why!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

Author — DoRayMeFa


THANK YOU !!! You explained this perfectly ! Now I need to practice !



Excellent video as usual! JR coming correct with the value everyday!

Author — DJ Sully


My favourite bowling channel. I’ve just bought my first reactive bowling ball so I’m trying it today! 🎳

Author — Jake Aviator


I need to work on this, a lot! Thx for the lesson👍🏻

Author — racrx7


When I first saw the thumbnail I was like "Why is a police officer grabbing a bowling ball?"

Author — TheGodOfPez


Man I love your videos. You are probably the most helpful YouTuber for bowling tips. Keep up the good work!

Author — KristY FerG


Eillen's Bowling Buddy rev ball motion trainer will help with this lesson, your video however is great and easy to grasp keep up the good work.

Author — Ralph Jerome


This is the best ever thank you for this I tried this exercise last night while waiting on my turn to bowl makes it so clear now I'm not sure what the heck i was doing before but this worked for me thanks again.

Author — Tdub W


Does changing the pitch help a quick thumb release? Even when I try to do these skills, unless my thumb and fingers line up straight, my thumb gets stuck in the ball even when I relax my grip.

Author — September Twenty-Nine


This was an awesome teaching video. Simple instructions and practice techniques... Great video!

Author — Ken Beattie


Nice. Going to try this drill here at home and at practice.

Author — Kevin Scarborough


This video made an immediate impact on my game. Thanks very much! Do you have any videos on when to ball up/down? I have a well rounded arsenal built but I struggle to make the right decision with when to change balls and what ball to go to.

Author — dan poteet


How do you improve on the distance from the foul line and the releasing the bowl? When I was younger I would finish way closer to the line and now I'm like 3 feet from it, not sure how this happened. A video on that would be much appreciated!

Author — Robby Michels