Ukraine: Children's hospital shelled in Slavyansk

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Ukraine: Children's hospital shelled in Slavyansk 4.5

W/S Hole on the wall of children's hospital
C/U Hole
M/S Debris
M/S Broken glass at the front door
C/U Sign reading "Emergency Room"
C/U Broken glass
M/S Nurse inside the hospital
C/U St. George's ribbon on the table
W/S Damaged building
SOT, Oksana Leonidonovna, chief nurse (Russian): "My employees who were on the shift in the morning called me and said that the hospital was under fire. In result they had to evacuate children to the basement, including those younger than one-year-olds. Everyone was really frightened; thank God, there were no victims. As for the material damage - you can see the result with your own eyes."
M/S Emergency vehicle leaving
W/S Hole in the ground in front of the hospital

A children's hospital and nearby medical clinic reportedly came under shelling from Kiev troops in Slavyansk on Friday. There are no reports of casualties.

Children staying in the hospital at the time of the attack were all taken to the building's basement for protection after the shelling started.

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