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The World's Most Extreme Construction Site | The B1M 5

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage courtesy of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

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I think B1M just managed to inspire a whole generation of new fabricators, builders, and construction specialists in a 15 minute video. just WOW

Author — Ben Goacher


Me: "The B1M has reached the peak of how good the material they have to show is."

The B1M: "Hold my penguin."

Author — Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance


As much as I love David Attenborough, I love Boaty McBoatface more.

Author — Mick Greer


As a civil engineering student, I love this channel!

Author — Saqlain Siddiqui


It's weird, I never expected excavators and other construction equipment to be on Antarctica, but it totally makes sense. This was a real eye-opener and another great video!

Author — Samuel J


Now imagine the complexity of a construction project on Mars, where it take 6 months just to get there.

Author — Martinit0


Wow, a 10 year contract can either be a blessing or a curse. Hopefully they have some really good trade partners.

Author — Tom Ritucci


This channel always finds a way to keep me interested in construction and makes me think in new creative ways.

Author — panda man


How much more do we need to know before we do something about the damage we are doing ?

Author — Eric


Wow! Maybe next you can do about construction in space (the ISS) and how the logistics came into place.

Author — The Student Official


I envy the people working in such a breathtaking environment

Author — holnrew


I worked down here for a year and a half. Came back this summer. Always loved the channel so it's crazy that Rothera has featured!

Author — Marlon Clark


The production quality of these videos is amazing. I thought I was watching BBC Planet Earth for a second there!

Author — Garrett Kyle


My dad was smart enough to bring orange golf balls every time he went and yes they made their own golf course because you need time to relax after diving in a one inch, 26mm, wetsuit. Just thought I'd share.

Author — Dave Pawson


We need to appreciate what these people do on these other worldly places.

Author — CyclingAddict


Never thought about this subject before..BUT it was exceting to watch and discover, the planning, the logistics, the team cohesion 👍👍

Author — polo 92


My colleague was suffering from routine and repeating patterns in her life and looked for a new interest to pick up. She is now an avid B1M viewer and has made plans to travel to Norway, NYC and London after watching your videos (at work at times!)
You guys may have changed a bored mother's life for the better, she is now more driven and motivated...I can't tell what other influences there were obviously but ... I like to think you played a major role there !

Author — YeeSoest


To think the Sir David Attenborough was voted to be called BoatyMcBoatFace! Would’ve been incredible

Author — Keelan Massey


I'm again and again blown away by the quality of these videos. great stuff B1M

Author — Zach G


I had never thought about them having to clean all the equipment.
Great vid.

Author — Kal Random