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Why I Adopted My Sister’s Baby | NYT - Conception 5

Catie didn't think she could have kids — until she got unexpectedly pregnant. Her sister dreamed of being a mom, but at age 30, she had no eggs.

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Just to clear things up for the people who are still confused: The younger sister (Catie) had an unplanned pregnancy, even though she has PCOS (a condition that affects a woman’s hormones) So, she wanted to terminate the baby but she found out that her older sister (Jen) was infertile and wanted one, so she gave the baby to her.

Author — ᴀɴɢᴇʟʏ ᴍæ


A bit confusing how it jumped from her wanting the abortion then all of the sudden her giving birth

Author — Joan


One time in biology class we were talking about wanting future kids and I had said I don’t ever want to have kids and my teacher got genuinely angry at me and said that women have this power to create life and I choose to not do anything with it. She also asked me “well what happens if you accidentally get pregnant, what are you going to do, abort it?” And I told her that it’d be kind of impossible because I’m a lesbian and I’ve never seen a teacher look so angry.

Author — The Silence


As an adopted child I fully agree with the comments about telling the kid. Withholding truth is one of the meanest things you can do. I am so grateful my parents never lied to me about that.

Author — Lilly Hammer


A bit confusing - but beautiful animation. I had to re-watch it a few times to understand which sister was the one pregnant. And the lines about abortion - but later not mentioning that she would give the baby to the sister instead... - confusing!

Author — creditbrunch


..."I love my sister more than anything in this life. I will put her happiness over mine every time."

Seemed relevant. This was a really cool video.

Author — Cú Caulwell


“At 30, I had no eggs.”

Oh my god. I don’t even know if I want kids but I have a faulty left ovary and hearing this shattered something in me.

Author — Michiko Manalang


I was adopted by my family members and ever since I can remember I knew that my mother wasn’t my biological mother. And ever since I can remember, it didn’t matter to me. My mom loved me and cared for me and that’s what a mom does.

Author — Wanderingjew


Re-cap: The older sister (12 years older) had no eggs by the age of 30, leaving her unable to have kids. The younger sister has PCOS and unexpectedly got pregnant, and wanted to terminate. She gave her baby up to her older sister.

Author — Sincerely Eccentric


The thing with the bandaid on the finger really works. Apparently when I was 1 and my parents left me and my twin with a sitter I chopped the tip of my finger mostly. But the doctor at the er just said put a bandaid on it. Now I have a scar on my finger that sometimes swells and gets numb randomly but not noticeably and sometimes dehydrates

Author — Sodium Bicarbonate


i didnt realize there were two people talking... who gave a baby to who? which one was infertile? why'd she give up the baby? did she want it or not??? im so lost

Author — Nameless Wolf


This is so confusing. They sound exactly the same. Why not just show a video of them?

Author — Wilson Solt


I agree with the comments about telling the child from a young age about it but Tbh I wouldn't care if my parents came up to me and told me that I'm adopted, being related by blood never meant anything to me, but actions did.

Author — Please Stop


Jack Nicholson was raised by his grandmother who he thought was his mother.
Cross-family adoption happens. I'm just glad the kid is in a safe atmosphere

Author — TheNineteenKing


I'm confused why the comments are confused, cos the story is not that hard to understand??

Author — mansi xavier


I hope I wasn't the only one who researched it to make sure I knew which sister was talking. This was a beautiful video, with an abrupt ending, like a glimpse in their lives. I wonder where they get these stories: randomly, employees (Like Buzzfeed?), are they stories?

Author — AzureAnie


Same thing happened to me with my mom but her little sister (my birth mom) couldn’t take care of the baby (me) so she gave it to her sister. And I don’t consider my birth mom my mom because she is not a mom she has not helped in my growth in anyway. I’m glad she did the right thing and gave me to someone who loves and can take care of me mentally and financially.

Author — Cassie Harper


Personally I would hope that the child is not damaged emotionally from all this. My ex had a older brother who was bought up by their aunt and they never told any of the children until the boy was 16. Finding out that his mother was his aunt and aunt his mother made him lose his mind (He walks around with a blank look on his face but no words). The family fell apart because the children felt as though the adults betrayed them. Til this day none of them soeak to the moon or aunt. So if you're going to do something like this you must do it openly and honestly.

Author — Camille Yelverton


So... He calls his bio mom auntie, and his bio auntie mom?

Author — Spiral Breeze


The talk about the abortion is where everyone seems to be getting confused. When the sister that adopted the baby said she told her she would go with her to terminate, that wasn't the decision she was making. The pregnant sister was offering her the baby, the adopting sister was making sure she wanted to go through this, and offering to help her if she wanted to terminate, which she never wanted to do. The pregnant sister had already made the decision to give her sister her baby and never changed her mind.

Author — Brie Stoll