Jimmy Wopo R.I.P. Last Song

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Directed And Shot By Supa dupaa follow @cbizzle717

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I swear wopo was one of the hardest In the industry, the fact I’m still running into videos I haven’t heard after listening to him for years is insane. R.I.P

Author — Old Soul


Rest in peace 😟 Jimmy wopo gone to soon😖

Author — The Primetime Show


Bandz fallin out the safe I'm in love wit the S/O Wool and Bizzle #Burg2Burgh

Author — HardballerLifestyle Carter


From 814 Rip Wopo y'all did y'all thing in this y'all got mad peeps too!!! #A1

Author — TeeBop2xs XD


2020 still blasting this UPT 717 🌟City

Author — Stanley Holton


This song was out way way before his passing

Author — M14


hbg reppin you already know Bandz fallin out the safe

Author — Zach Miller


Do yall think we stupid we can see when it was uploaded. This whole new level of clout chasing/ death milking/disrespect

Author — Leonard Ross


good song. catchy beat. Im moving to HBG next week from wilkes-barre. taking a great job there. Im super excited. HBG is the greatest city in the commonwealth by far. Most beautiful women in the state bar none. iv never seen an ugly girl uptown. i dondt know whats in the water of the susquehanna that makes hbg so beautiful. but it is. im movin 2 jonestown road. so excited. Coming from "Da Barre." going from one hood 2 another!

Author — Kenneth Lopez


This gotta be the equivalent for burgh to when bmore lost scoota rip all thefallen soldiers

Author — Lor Bmoreflow • 500 years ago


I'm mad as fuck wopo one of my fav pgh artist and I didn't know he was in the burg😭😭😭😭 im right out side the burg

Author — Tyrell Waring


Pistolvania United thats what i like to see now all we need is Erie and Philadelphia

Author — HollyHoodClassics Pistolvania


wopo, just proved he the hottest in the Burgh

Author — CaTFIshBi11Y