Hannity: America, you can shock the world again

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Hannity: America, you can shock the world again 4.5
The balance of power on Capitol Hill is at stake and the choice couldn't be clearer.

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Talked my 87 year old Republican mother to vote tomorrow for the sake of her great grandson...red wave!

Author — Nancy Nelson


God, please lord I am in tears hoping that the Republicans do really really excellent tomorrow. Pray and Vote

Author — n lloyd


Russians didn't collude with Trump, the good MEN in the US Military colluded with Trump to expose and oust the evil deep state :). Go Trump!!!
Red tidal wave coming tomorrow!!!! Wooo!! hoooo!!!

Author — Truth Be Known



Author — Rob G


Let's make this VERY clear! VOTE RED!
A vote for the democrats is a a vote FOR
> censorship
> thought police
> socialism
> open borders
> high taxes
> big government
> social justice warriors
> political correctness
> racism (identity politics)
> rule of leftist mobs
> corporate fake news media
and a vote AGAINST
> jobs and economic growth
> the first amendment
> the second amendment
> the rule of law
> presumption of innocence
> meritocracy and fairness
> the USA and the American people

Author — Iceman Cometh


Obama spent 8 years blaming Bush administration for everything now he will claim credit for everything that President Trump accomplishes. The Democratic socialist party is despicable.

Author — Deplorable Mike


It's supposed to be raining where I am tomorrow. The weatherman is predicting a storm of liberal tears. MAGA!

Author — 1985cjjeeper


Early voted yesterday and casted RED straight down the line. MAGA!!

Author — Steve K


My family voted RED days ago, now its up to the rest of you. Please save our country :-) VOTE RED....

Author — Paul Faria


I have always been and still am as indpenendent as they come. having voted for republicans and democratrs and independents in every election at all levels based on the person, not the party, however,   after witnessing what happened with Kavanaugh, I am voting straight republican for the first time in 26 years

Author — John Adams


Vote Red today America.
Your supporters are watching from overseas.

Author — RV_Six


So proud to have Sean Hannity and the President in our town! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — Debbie Pickett


I'm from Brazil and we just finely elected Bolsonaro, I can't vote yet, but i can't wait to vote next election here, So i can declare Republican and conservator . Red wave, Let's save America.

Author — Margareth Hess


We're gonna party like it's 2016 again..MAGA..

Author — Janet


I VOTED RED! It's the right thing to do, the mature thing to do!

Author — Southernburrito


Make the weirdos cry again.
Vote Red.

Author — Gomoto Bonnah


🧐 Obama's Signature Stimulus Package Started The Trillion Dollar Deficit: Keep 45. Vote Trump's Republicans Today Today Today.

Author — Diane Merwin


I’m actually subscribing to Fox News # maga

Author — Mylo Fuentes


As a child of a former illegal alien, I am voting Republican and have done so for over 20 years. My mother who is a citizen now is a Republican. So much for democrat plans to turn illegals into votes! Conservative ideas transcend race, nationality, and gender, because they speak to the human condition. This is why this American of Mexican decent votes Republican. I urge you to go out and vote

Author — Letty Guerra


VOTES Republicanos baby TRUMP the BEST

Author — DeMo 696