The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [FPS Boost] [Xbox Game Pass]

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 months ago

The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of truly well loved entry in the series that further grew the franchise to the heights it has reached today. Make decisions, create your own character and tell your own epic as you explore various locations across gorgeous terrains to become the best of the land.

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The #ElderScrolls 4 #Oblivion #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this incredible entry in the series that sent you exploring various locations, finding riches and enjoying a plethora of unique quests along the way. Become a hero, or just go about doing whatever you want to which is quite cool.

With a powerful combination of freeform gameplay and unprecedented graphics, you can unravel the main quest at your own pace or explore the vast world and find your own challenges. The ultimate best The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Xbox Series X review and gameplay.

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This technology is absolutely incredible, perfect for old xbox fans to enjoy their childhood games all over again!

Author — Sope Clan™ l 2012


If you've never played this, give it a go, it's deeper than it looks. I found Skyrim a little disappointing after this, maybe I just preferred this world more.

Author — beyond72


The music and overall game….beautiful! When i bought this game I made so many classes. The replay ability of this game was so good…best ES game for me hands down, one of the best games also!

Author — SharkBender


I cannot believe how quick the loading times are. I played this on day one back in 06' and it took forever to load areas. Also, looks amazing. Going to replay this.

Author — Rich Bunnell


Thanks for making all these Series X vids for classic games, it’s been a great resource for me. I finally got my console and have been replaying my old favorites, really surprised and happy at how deep and enjoyable Oblivion still is

Author — Preston Cram


One of the best games playable now in 60fps 😃

Author — Conker Reloaded


Halo infinite, forza horizon 5 and fps boost to one of my favorite games? I’m loving my series x 🔥

Author — pyrozweak


Hope they will finally add more fps boost games more often since the 20th anniversary of Xbox is over.

Author — tyler horton


Thanks for the video. The game looks awesome in 4K/60FPS. One little story from me. I had the game installed before but the boost was not working. So, I re-installed it, restarted the console for sure and the boost worked. Oblivion is one of the games I was so long waiting for playing in that way now. Thumbs up. Next game I am waiting for: Half Life 2 in 4K/60.

Author — hotjoe1970


I played this a bunch last year on my Series S at the time. Looking at this, I'm glad I managed to find a Series X and being able to play one of my all time favorite games at 4k60, for free! I played the Series X upgrade of Skyrim as well, but that game doesn't hold a candle to Oblivion. For me anyway.

Author — RDF


This is amazing, i tried the Gears games and it's so nice compared to 30! Love this feture! 👌
I hope Red dead redemption gets fps boost, the fps is not tied to the game speed so thats why i belive it's possible! Rather that then a butchered remaster (looking at Gta the "definitive" edition lol).

Author — No Venci


After going back to 3 and 4 you really notice how watered down 5 is by comparison. Absolutely love them all though

Author — Kit


Really appreciate your videos man, I’m always googling what resolutions games run at on the series x and you always say it right at the beginning! Saves me a lot of headache so thanks again man.

Author — Flammable Cripple


One of my favourite Elder Scrolls!
How am I just now finding out that it’s 4K 60fps?! Let’s go!

Author — Filthy Rando


My favorite game of all time.
I have a series x. I might have to play this again..the 60 looks smooth

Author — Danner mags


Just played on series s and it's sooo good

Author — Noble Six


Looks butter smooth. I played this on release, never beat it tho.

Author — Michael H


I remember going to gamestop not knowing the name of this game but wanting to buy it so I had to describe the gameplay to them. They sent me home with Dragon age. I was confused. 🤔

Author — MobileDecay


Since I basically started playing this game, not far into it & had stopped for a bit. Now knowing the game has a frame rate boost. Looks like I'm going to be reported missing.
Edit: It's a shame they can't increase the draw-distance specially knowing the power of the Series S & X, things popping in can be jarring. 😆

Author — Tristan Backup


Fps boost is a life saver for this game

Author — Fabian69