Sensual Awakening | Empowered Connection | Taurean Energy Inspired

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Happy Taurus Season! This offering marks a new project for The INNATE 2020. A series inspired by the Zodiac Seasons.

This track features the frequency of Venus to work sensuality, love, creativity, money energy, and pleasure in the experience. We hope this spark passion and gets you in the mood to connect with yourself in loving ways.

Hope you enjoy!


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💬 Comments

Love this one.... wish it was longer :)
I love your work

Author — Barbie


This came out on my birthday and instantly spoke to me. Biggest surge of creative energy I’ve felt in years ⚡️💜💜💜

Author — Jessica Wallace


Loved this! From the visuals I was getting a battle between good and evil and from the music I was definitely getting a "future in the 80's" vibe if that makes sense. lol Great job! 👍🏻

Author — TK Klotz


This is incredible! Thank you for this, it creates this really intense feeling inside of me, the music and visuals is reigniting that fire and passion inside me again, if you know what I mean. I've felt dead inside for so long. You two are amazing. Thank you so much for creating this channel.

Author — Bonnie Tassi


This is truly amazing, love this kind of music. Thank you for it

Author — Dea Kollár


makes me feel so at ease! thank you <3

Author — Jupiter


Was able to reach a another level of meditation with this one...💓💓💓. Thank you as always!

Author — Tiffanie Tyler


Yay! So happy you're on spotify. Im a taurus.. love this sound

Author — Irishdoll


Beautiful 💓 This video founds me for my 27 birthday ✨🤗🙏

Author — Sanja S


This is wonderful sound-track ..
Scorpio 🌞 Libra 🌙 Cancer 📈

Author — club 80:d!


Absolutely love this!❤❤❤❤❤ Where have you been?! Lol....this channel is amazing!💫🌈🎉🌟

Author — Pure Love


Wow! Love it 😍🌺💗🦋took me out of this world👁️💫✨

Author — Sarah-Rose


Indulgently enjoyable Taurus in Jupiter is loving this! So much in fact...I forgot to comment. :D :) TAURUS Suns, Moons, Risings & other placements must be lovin this too! Its almost got a Fleetwood Mac vibe about it...very 80s...which we appreciate immensely! Got to love the 80s! :) <3 Love <3 LOVE <3 Love <3 this so much! :) Namaste THE INNATE...Namaste. xxx <3 :)

Author — TemperanceWitchWay