RUBY'S NEW FASTEST PASS!!! Can the Auction Corvette FINALLY Run a Seven Second 1/4 Mile!?

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RUBY'S NEW FASTEST PASS!!! Can the Auction Corvette FINALLY Run a Seven Second 1/4 Mile!? 5

Time to turn Ruby up with BOTH wheels spinning!
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Brother! This channel has everything: Drag cars, dad bods, and dog fights.

Author — zippo1965


It's hilarious seeing how everyone around Jeremy ends up with a Golden Retriever puppy at some point. Nobody is immune!

Author — Mike O'Barr


Getting Leroy in the 7’s “James get the toolbox” Getting Ruby in the 7’s “Cleetus get the laptop” How the turns have tabled

Author — Matt Holder


“What do you think Justin?” “I think this things ready to rip.” “Alright we’re done hearing from you.” 😂😂😂

Author — BlackBoyFly


Love how Cleetus still asks James every time if he should turn it up knowing damn well his answer is gonna be moon tune every time

Author — Alex Bertolino


James: "One and done!"

Ruby: "Oh really? Hold my traction."

Author — I Play To Bag


We need a new shirt that says “The plugs have left the building...” 😂

Author — Marc P


Cleeter: We can put a bit of timing back in or we can run a little more boost.

James: Why not both?

Author — fredadhbit


You knew it wasn't going to be easy. Just like when Cleeter asked James if he was getting frustrated he said Nope, it's all part of it. 100% right, the required attitude to be a certified ripper lol.

Author — djjazzyjeff123


She's inherited some of Leroy's sass with that engine...

Author — Snowhawk Przhevalsky


Perfect timing, just sat on the throne

Author — Merlin Evseichik


Am I the only one that would love to train under James he just seems to have an amazing wealth of knowledge id love to learn from this man

Author — Jonathan Elmer


Wheres my bald eagle call when Ruby's tire came clean off the ground

Author — Rich Rodriguez


I like how we are getting more cooper. Y’all having some fun is the best.

Author — Michael Johnston


I don't ever comment usually, however I have been watching steady from the beginning of the channel and I have to say you have developed the most amazing team and content to watch! The other channels seem to be the amount of money they have and what cars they can buy and so on. Not here, with this crisis going on you and your team provide amazing content, problem solving, team work and overall positive attitudes to strive towards your goals! Hats off to you gentlemen, keep up the great work and content. God bless and stay safe guys!💯

Author — Chris Reitlo


I think how much James knows about cars has really began to come out in more recent vids and gosh dang, it's impressive how he knows exactly what to adjust

Author — Andrew Meeker


put an alternator on Leroy and drive him again i miss seeing you going on take out runs with it

Author — Mnr. Weed


Cleetus definitely let off to let James get the first 7s pass. We all need a friend like that.

Author — ress87


James tune: leave at 15psi then add another 15psi for every 300ft.

Author — Toms Tech


That motor already went 7's in a stick shift so all you need to do is lift a head drain all the water and you'll be good to go

Author — isaac shively