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The video is not as polished as I wanted it to be; I have a few exams this month :(
I also really wanted to add the conversation between Dundee and Yuno at the end(after he hit the rainbow road), but unfortunately, I don't have enough time this month.

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First off, amazing video big respect, I can only imagine how much work you put in there. Secondly, I feel honored I never thought that anyone would ever use one of my songs, but you did and that's why I want to thank you. Keep up the good work and good luck for your exams and future projects. If you ever want to use another one of my songs just go ahead (btw. I may be working on a Part 2 Yuno song🤫).


Author — Mellow


This took me on a whole trip of emotions & i appreciate every effort you put into it! Whenever you have time to add more or a part 2 to this I'll definitely be here for it. His journey is too big to fit in one video

Author — Frimizen


Down memory lane with scenes of Yuno in Season 1. Stealing microwaves *barefoot*, BDY laughing at Charlie celebrating, Yuno offering a sandwich to the cops.. So cool to even see the tiniest detail. This was so poggioli!

Author — Dafieyo


Man, yuno came a long way to where he is now and this just proves it. From stealing microwaves to stealing loads of cash from bank to banks. Ah, those good ol' days with uncle dundee and Mr B and their shenanigans.

Author — keiem


The way that you told Yuno's story again with gorgeous cinematography makes it really nostalgic to us viewers who have been with him from the start. Thank you so creating this and for sharing it to us! Hopefully Sykkuno gets to see this!!

EDIT: The song's lyrics are so powerful. It's a great play on his name and the fact that he is a wild card that people in the city will know his name

Author — byn


Amazing job!! I remember every single scene here from Yuno's history, there are so many great memories! I hope Sykkuno sees this too

Author — E.Rose S


Idk why but something about Syk making Yuno a trolling potato yet still giving him a fruitful arc from a low-tier crim to a bank buster and making so many friends along the way gives me emotions :, )
edit: now I have even more emotions o7 "There are two times someone is actually gone. 1 is when he leaves, and 2 is when we stop thinking about him"

Author — K Brown


this is so sick, you hit so many key memories. i also adore the minor details, like yuno blocking the light/sparks of the thermite at 2:00 and his little motion of success at 2:06, the way he moves is very natural and makes him feel much more human than the game itself is capable of doing! fuckin awesome job all around <3

Author — undreadly


Dang sykkuno needs to see this. Wish it was longer though including the lower vault stuff

Author — Fairytale


Woahhhh this is so cool you got all the details of his journey to where he is now, it would be so cool to see one of his relationship with Lang. Like how Lang told him “you’re not cool enough to lean” and then he ended up being CB and having that moment at the front of his first vault. Or how it went from “24 hours or you’re fired” to “it’s crazy how much I missed you in less than 24 hours”. This was so cool though I loved it!

Author — Tatiana Franco



Brings back so many good memories. I miss yuno and his friends so much 😭💚

Author — Iffa Karina Permatasari


I hope Yuno gets back to being more active on GTAV he brings everyone together

Author — Tomspiffles


Sykkuno beautifully crafted Yuno’s hacking arc. And shout out to all the other characters that helped build Yuno!! sooo soo good!!

Author — lilac_hart


The memories this brought, the progression he's had. It's so fun to watch him play. He introduced me to so many streamers, I'm so glad. You did an amazing job, it came out great! Congrats to Mellow for the awesome song too.

Author — Haruka Hoshino


Yuno has gotten _so far_ in such a short amount of time - just a few months, and he made _such_ a _huge_ impact in Los Santos.

It's actually nostalgic, despite that. Like, _so much_ has happened, and he did _so much_ and it's _amazing!_

You did a great job, and I'm happy for the music used - it's _amazing!_

Author — Lepapillonbrise


The foreshadowing of him leaning all the time to ending up as a clean boy 🤧🤧

also soy gang I miss them )’:

Author — HopelessRomantic_Nrosexx


I’ve watched sykkuno since his first gta stream and you got every detail from the beginning of Yuno to his hacking career. This is so well made!

Author — It is what it is



Author — suzy_q


i remember all these scenes and how entertaining it was watching them, it was great back then :)

Author — Vanilla Ice Cream Cheese Fries


Bruhhh this makes me so :))))

I'm so glad to be able to witness Yuno's journey with you guys. Like, the laughs that we had, the sad moments, the mald. GTA era has got to be one of the best I've ever been part of. And watching this video, looking back to where he was. Like wtfff this makes me so happy..

(ok im kinda cringey now)

Author — raxxa