Update Free energy forever no wind no solar no gas READ DISCRIPTION!!!

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Update Free energy forever no wind no solar no gas READ DISCRIPTION!!! 3.5
Electromagnetic field generator and collector.
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! Certain videos will be privately shared. A lot of information is missing from this video...

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Now does everyone see why I disabled the comments on this video? Do you see how stupid everyone sounds? Just running their mouths without even reading the description or looking at any of my other videos or asking any intelligent questions? PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION or look a couple of my replies. I have over a hundred and twenty videos and there's a bunch of them that explain many different ways to create free energy! Now, when you get that slap in the face and say to yourself holy crap how can I get in touch with this guy!!! (I'm probably not going to talk to you because I don't have time) why don't you send me a $5 donation to www.paypal.me/ThomasBuie to help support the channel. And I will show the real videos! But unless you're a supporter of the channel or a good-hearted person "not" running their mouth on my channel, then don't ask me for anything! I'm sick of the immature B.S. Everyone is always so quick to jump on the bandwagon without even looking at the paint... Does everyone want to know why this video has so many views? it's because my subscribers who can't afford to donate, who are supporters of the Channel, watch this video and let the ads play. And that's how I usually get paid from YouTube and how I buy the supplies for my experiments I might add! I'm disabled and no, I don't draw disability. What good would that do to help the community? The government is robbing everyone blind already!!!
Last month I didn't get a check from YouTube!!! so no money for the channel for April... but I'll figure out something to add with the six or seven hundred dollars my beautiful wife makes at her part time job every month... donate and help me change the world or don't... it's up to you!!!
but don't be mean because I have been teaching a lot of people, a lot of things that they didn't know!!! AND I am a good person!!! AND I will be rewarded for the things that I am doing!!! What are you doing to help the world?

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to the video about no gas no solar no wind, u should actually show the viewers the the alternators in action, powering your camper. You no like go inside cut lights on and off idk maybe turn on your stove and fry an egg or something while your shooting the video so we can actually see your invention working ya no,
maybe not the best suggestions, but suggestions never the less

Author — karonjee 252


Sorry buddy. I’m a master electrician and your wrong. You’re telling everyone how it works. Why don’t you show us.

Author — michael thomas


After reading a few of these comments, I would like to chime in on this. The alternator can in fact output 240v AC if you bypass the rectifier (diodes he referred to). This rectifier is what converts the variable AC current created by the alternator to a stable 14.4v DC. However the frequency is much higher than what is used in normal electrical systems around the world. In NA this frequency is 60Hz and other parts of the world, 50Hz. Theoretically if you used a 240v to 120v step down and can dial in the frequency using other circuitry this is possible. You could then potentially use a 120v to 12v step down to power an electric motor, however the power needed wouldn't be enough to actually keep it self powered. However, you could use an 8-11HP horizontal shaft lawnmower engine to keep it running. If you convert the motor to hydrogen you could even use a local creek for fuel using an electrolyzer for fuel and keep this kind of setup running for a long time. This is possible and I'm working on a prototype generator using this same sort of setup and have had reasonable success, but need to make the electronics to get it completely dialed in and safe to use for all electric powered items (like TVs and computers).

Generally the easiest way to do this is to generate an AC current, then convert it back down to DC and back up to AC. This will help to rectify the AC frequency.

Author — Stephen P


I love this video!!!
Dad! lets make a video, in the rain, about electric stuff, without our shoes on.

Author — Multi450450


How many times are you going to repeat what you’re saying we got it the first time show us how it works

Author — Raymond Pruitt


ok ok lets talk facts now and stop dreaming about how to electrocute ourselves. No that will not power your house, no you cannot get 220 v at 90 amps. and the why, first, anyone who knows alternators knows how they are designed, depending on the size of the alternator 50-120 amps is possible, but only at 14 volts. and not continually. then don't forget the math, lets use a 90 amp ALT for our calculations. 90A x14V = 1260 watts. the windings in the alternator can only dissipate so many watts of power in the form of heat. yes you can bypass the rectifying diodes and regulator and get straight AC power and yes the faster you spin the ALT the higher the voltage you will get to a point. the point to where the ALT flies apart from too high of RPM. I know you can get 110 volt out of them and power regular house hold appliances after you fix the 3 phase problem. but you cannot go past their safe wattage dissipation rate or they will burn up. so in the case of the 90 amp ALT 1260 watts is not sustainable. and you reach that at 11.45 amps. A safe continual wattage rate would be more like around 800 watts. which would give you about 7 amps current. 800 divided by 110 volts = 7.27 amps. yes you can run higher current devices but only for short periods of time before you would have to let it cool down. and if you go to high with your amp load you could fry the windings like right now. so what is this person showing us? nothing really, not free energy. and don't forget you need a motor that would draw even more amps than the ALT can put out continually just to turn the ALT. so you get nothing really. but with that said yes there is a way to turn the ALT with a tuned motor that is smaller than the ALT but you also have to use a mass flywheel and capacitors. also on youtube. and yes you can get free energy, from the charged space around us by manipulating magnetic fields to create a path for electrons to flow through. you can harvest gravity in various ways using leverage to manipulate a mass in such a way that gravity can continue to act upon it and create an oscillation. see mikovic oscillator. chas campball, skinner gravity engine. they all do it, amplify mechanical force.

Author — rmendes2


The reason you’ve been told you won’t live very long is that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing & will likely be electrocuted.
The part you are spinning & calling the stator is actually the rotor.
It’s not a generator, it’s an alternator, big difference.
It isn’t brushless, the brushes run on “the round copper thing” as you call it(sliprings)
I highly doubt you’re getting 200+ volts ac with 6v. On the field.
That tiny electric motor has t got the balls to turn your alternator at full load.
How will you control the frequency?
Needless to say it takes more electricity to turn the alternator than what it will produce.
Why not show it working?

Author — Chris Banning


How come I don't see this working, and where is a voltage meter, make it work then record,

Author — Tom Bob


That’s a 60 amp Chrysler alternator. The “copper things” inside are called slip rings, and they are the contact points for the brushes, so the alternator is not brushless, nor is it 90 amps. The rotating part is called the ROTOR, because it ROTates. The fixed coils are called the STATOR, because they are STATionary. The alternator does generate 3-phase alternating current, which is internally wired from the stator to the diodes. You got that much correct. There are six diodes, not three. (By the way, your motor has no diodes at all.) Now, without voltage regulation, assuming you can spin the alternator fast enough to produce 220V, then at your claimed 90 amps output, again assuming that you connect a full 90 amps load, your wiring, which appears to be about 12 gauge, is going to burn up. Then there’s the problem of frequency. Light bulbs won’t care, but any appliances or electronics that require 60 Hz power will not function at the high and unpredictable frequencies the alternator will deliver. Then there’s phase angle. 220V household power is composed of two phases 180 degrees apart. Two of your alternator phases will be only 120 degrees apart, again causing trouble.

This all assumes that you can turn the alternator successfully to begin with. What power source are you using to spin it? An electric motor? How is that free? The alternator can’t power its own motor because of mechanical and electrical losses. Friction and resistance are real. If you’re using commercial power to run the alternator, then you’re still paying the power company, and paying them more to overcome frictional loss in the motor and alternator, in the belt, and electrical inefficiency in both units.

Commercial power isn’t free to produce. They may overcharge us, but there is cost involved. I pay no more than $150 per month maximum, usually for about 1, 500kWh. If you’re paying $300-$1, 000, you should seek another retail service provider.

You claim to make 19.8kW from that Chrysler alternator—90 amps at 220 volts. Look at a 20kW diesel generator sometime, its physical size and horsepower. Ask yourself why the difference.

I’ve watched people try to convince themselves—and others—about free power for 50 years. Yet it remains a deep “secret” that only a privileged few claim to achieve. You know, if it worked, we’d all have built our own rigs and there’d be so many people that the power companies needed to “silence” that there would be no way. They’d have to come after everybody in the country. It’s one thing to believe what you want, but something else to mislead others. Your video is a circular repetition of suggestion, but it explains nothing, proves nothing, and it cannot stand up to facts. That’s not “hating, ” that’s an honest observation.

Author — Alan's Mistakin' Acres


Playing with electric power in the rain is FUN 😀

Author — EDWARD Hendersen


What are you using to power the motor that drives the alternators.
The law on the conservation of energy dictates you cant get energy out of nowhere!!
Due to the friction of the bearings, The eficiency of the coils in both your motor and alternator you have to put more energy in, than you could ever get out.
You might increse the voltage, but you would have an inverse drop in the amps, or you might increse the amps but again an inverse drop in voltage.
You are talking about a perpetual motion machine. Sorry, laws of phisics demand it cant be done.
You are either very misinformed or a fraud!!!

Author — Eddie Kessler


I’ve converted my rolls Royce to run on water

Author — Mike Castellon


If your running your house from an alternator show us how your doing it

Author — Steven Mays


Sounds great, but can we see yours working?

Author — mabblers


Best time to do an electricity video is for sure when its raining outside in the rain 100%

Author — swampgremlin1


Instead of stating how simple it is because you know it, how about demonstrating it for those who do not? Thanks. If we can watch you do it on video, we can do it too.

Author — ChadatWork


He's purposely not mentioning the most important part needed to truly make this all work so he can keep it all to himself. I'll spill the beans.... .... it's the flux capacitor. Duh!

Author — Rodney Doane


A few problems here:
1. Where is the DC voltage coming from to power the motor?
2. Each component in such a scheme would introduce a certain amount of loss due to inefficiency.
3. The explanations completely defy Ohms Law
4. The "6 volts DC" simply aren't going to produce 240V 90 amps AC. Nope, not unless they are coming from a very large 6V battery bank to produce the equivalent amperage. Then, that bank would need a charging source. See #2, above.
5. He refers to the utilities selling you electricity that they get free. True only if you discount the cost of building Solar, wind, hydroelectric dams, nuclear, gas, oil or coal powered plants, etc., plus the cost to operate and maintain them, and distribute it to you. Other than that, yup, it's FREE!

6. Doesn't show it working, because it can't possibly work, without some external source of power: Solar, wind, generator, hydro, mechanical - something.

Author — NotCook


Just plug the two wires into your neighbor's outlet energy!

Author — Rockford John