Thich Nhat Hanh The Art of Living Peace and Freedom in the Here and Now Audiobook

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Misc Non-Fiction Books Audio Thich Nhat Hanh The Art of Living Peace and Freedom in the Here and Now

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This book is incredible. When i was in pain, i would listen to it and it would calm me in minutes. Now i listen to it in my times of joy. Thanks to the teachings

Author — Rumi Sleem


0:00:46 Foreword by Sister Chang
0:04:40 Introduction
0:15:17 Stillness
0:16:41 Practice: The Art of Breathing
0:19:11 Chapter 1: Emptiness : The wonder of Interbeing
1:08:25 Chapter 2: Signlessness: A Cloud Never Dies
02:08:43 Chapter 3: Aimlessness: Resting in God
02:55:44 Chapter 4: Impermanence: Now is the time
03:25:49 Chapter 5: Non Craving: You have enough
04:02:14 Chapter 6: Letting Go: Transformation and Healing
04:28:11 Chapter 7: Nirvana is now
04:42:04 Conclusion
04:52:53 Afterword

Author — Saurabh K Singh


Thank you so much for this wonderful Audiobook. Thanks all of you making the efforts to put this on the YouTube. There will be more and more people will benefit from this. Bowing to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Author — gang kun


Thank you for creating this audiobook and sharing it with all of us. Listening was a great pleasure and reminder of who we are, where we are and why we are all here. This book reminded me of all the years studying Psychology and all the great wisdom in this world. Brings me back to who I am and what I am aiming for. God bless you and your deeds. 🤗🙌🙏💞💕

Author — Ralice Art


This book helped me immediately, deeply and permanently. It transformed me, gave me peace, hope and strength. And it's all rational, straight-forward and easily absorbed. Try it and you'll experience instant strengthening, understanding and joy. I'll seek out other teachings by this wonderful man as well as similar stuff by others. It's by a buddhist monk but buddhism is RATIONAL at least mostly, I'd guess. (I'm so new to all this -- and so healed.) It also provides hope for the world, including global warming, the more we can get such stuff out to people. I'd like political meetings to start with a few moments of peace, asking attendants to just breathe quietly and calmly for a short, while (especially U.S. president, Donald Trump).

Author — Eve May


Beautiful words, releasing so much anxiety and sadness. Have listened so many times but still love it

Author — Hue Ngo


Thank you so much for this audio book, very nice listening and feels as if I were in the top of the hill.

Author — Muthu Lakshmi


Thanks for uploading, fellow inter-being 🙏🏻

Author — Anthony Badame


Thank you for posting this. I listen to it on my way to work.

Author — Patty Gonzalez


One day of compassion, is worth a hundred days without it.

Author — Moss Bioletti


Great book thank you so much for sharing your wisdom

Author — rick van cleave


Obsolutely amazing. Thank you very much for uploading this. I hope that more to come!

Author — MeetingMsMe


I just keep listening and listening. I can’t get enough.

Author — Kate Holmes


Breathing in, I see the element earth in me, the element air in me. I see clouds, snow, rain, and rivers in me. I see the atmosphere, wind, and forests in me. The mountains and oceans in me. I see the earth in me.
Breathing out, I smile to the earth in me. I am one with Mother Earth, the most beautiful planet in our solar system.
Breathing in, I see the element of light in me, I am made of light, I am made of the sun. I see our star as an infinite source of life, nourishing us in every moment. Buddha Shakyamuni was a child of Father Sun; so too am I.
Breathing out, I smile to the sun in me. I am the sun, a star, one of the most beautiful stars in our entire galaxy.
Breathing in, I see all my ancestors in me: my mineral ancestors, plant ancestors, mammal ancestors, and human ancestors. My ancestors are always present, alive in every cell of my body, and I play a part in their immortality.
Breathing out, I smile to the cloud in my tea. A cloud never dies. A cloud can become snow or rain but never nothing. I also play my part in the immortality of the cloud.
Breathing in, I see the stars and galaxies in me. I am consciousness manifesting as cosmos. I am made of stars and galaxies.
Breathing out, I smile to the stars in me. I play my part in the immortality of clouds, rain, stars and the cosmos.
Breathing in, I see that nothing is created, nothing is destroyed; everything is in transformation. I see the nature of no birth and no death of matter and energy. I see that birth, death, being, and nonbeing are only ideas.
Breathing out, I smile to my true nature of no birth and no death. I am free from being and from nonbeing. There is no death; there is no fear. I touch nirvana, my true nature of no birth and no death.
Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. I am free from being, free from nonbeing.

Author — romi P.S.


Thank you!
Would you please upload audiobook for ' no mud no lotus'?

Author — Roshani Shrestha


Thanks for sharing. It’s incredible book.

Author — Wipada Term


Thanks for making this book available here.

Author — Karen Taylor


Thank you so so so much for posting this 🌹💕🌹

Author — Poetry Jones


I listen to Thay everyday and read his books and practice too. But I always wonder how would a beggar who is hungry and does not know if he will get his/her next meal or not, feel that he/she has more than everything needed and find happiness???

Author — Buddhaditya Padhi


These words are a present to the world, humanity and all creatures.
It's a treasuere and it is in our hands if we are going to use it in order to heal ourselves and the entire earth.

Namaste to you 🙏

Author — The Kecando