Why APB Failed : Gaming's $100,000,000 Failure

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Why APB Failed : Gaming's $100,000,000 Failure 4.5
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APB was a game that had a development cost of over $100,000,000. Usually, with a budget that large, a game is bound to be a great game that succeeds. But, that is not the case with APB, and we are going to show what exactly happened in today's video.

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If your channel ever dies you better do a video about it failing

Author — Bac Jam


This game remind me of Spore.

Someone spent 2 years in dev time creating the ultimate customization tool only to forget they had to make an interesting game around it.

Author — Aviz Vit


7 dollars for 20 hours? sounds like some scammy 1996 aol games bs.

Author — Mishka


They say there is no “monthly subscription”, then they make a daily subscription 😐

Author — Seth Foster


I refuse to believe that $100, 000, 000 was invested into this pay 2 win garbage

Author — Neves7561


hackers and no anticheat was why apb failed.

Author — Mr.Tumbleweed


6:26 Now that's a good way for no one to buy your game. $7 per 20 hours and $10 for a month. Don't do drugs kids, because whoever thought that shit up was on some.

Author — TrailRipper


The customization in APB is insane compared to GTA V this game let you change every detail with your character and vehicle

Author — cLown cLown


APB was so damn close to being a great game. 8 years later and there's still nothing like it...

Author — Amante


Realtime Worlds sacrificed themselves to lose EA $100 mil. Not all hero's wear capes.

Author — Wedge 0020


The moment I heard "EA" I knew where this whole video was going

Author — astronautis1674


You didn't mention that Gamersfirst got bought out recently and APB has a new dev team once again. This team is promising to do what RTW and Reloaded Productions failed to do. Their current plan is to have the PC engine upgraded and console performance fixed by Spring 2019. Hopefully they fix it then do marketing again because imagine the shock on people's faces when they see ads for a game they thought died a horrible death nine years ago.

Author — Matthew


"$7 every 10 hours"
"$10 for 30 days"
Man that backfired....

Author — Sexhaie


Is nobody going to comment on "he went on to make the first two GTAs" despite the fact that GTA came out 10 years earlier?

Author — ZEX Oneeyed


APB, amazing idea, terrible execution

Author — Anthonyontv


The sad thing is that this was done years prior, and was a great success made by fans, not devs. CIT2 Server, Multi Theft Auto. Essentially THE MODE Rockstar modeled GTA Online after. Only they did it infinitely worse... Multi Theft Auto was San Andreas with 1000 players on one map. It had housing, it had civilian jobs like trucking, cab driving, limo, hell even trash pickup and street sweeping, commercial fishing, you could be a cop, or a criminal which opened up several options such as chasing wanted players down and breaking into houses. Could even be a hooker lol.

Every house, was an actual purchasable house, EVERY. SINGLE. HOUSE. All of which were on a shared market with dozens of different interiors. Las Venturas was reserved for Mafia Wars, the only truly open PvP area in the game where crews would battle for turf, each turf being broken down into small squares that when held, pay out over time. It was a BIG moment when a crew would capture all of LV and turn it their crews color, and i mean a big moment that the entire server knew about, and was logged in the history books.

Only PvP that could happen outside of LV was between cops and criminals, so you had no douchebags flying around with a fuckin jet, blasting everything in site for the lols. Every 20-30 minutes 1 of 4 cops v criminal events were held, either bankrobberies or drug smuggling, dozens of people would show up to each, and paramedics would be there with first aid spray to earn $ and rank.

The punch line?

Nobody talks about it today... ever.

Author — EQOAnostalgia


EA is the Soulja Boy of the video game industry.

Author — Brian


Okay, I watched it. Are you happy YouTube? Stop recommending this to me.
By the way this video was great, informative, and succinct. It's just not my thing.

Author — Wally Garcia


I actually like this game tbh, it just wasn't very well optimized at all for lower end graphics.

Author — TTIG


"How did it fail"
EA was the producer (publisher, if you're not humorous enough)

Author — lightning boi