Shaq Reflects On Kobe Bryant's Death

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Shaq Reflects On Kobe Bryant's Death 5

Shaq and the TNT family reflect on Kobe Bryant's death.

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I am really glad Kobe & Shaq made good before this tragic event took place.

Author — The Trey King Show


“I already don’t sleep” that’s a cry for help man. Hopefully people close to him are there for him to lean on.

Author — Maggie


Seeing Shaq real life depressed is really hitting right now

Author — Simon Sez


"Hold on, I'm not finished.”

Takes a real man to want to talk and work through his emotions like that.

Author — Nay


Seeing Shaq break down is so heartbreaking. The friendsship these guys had was on another level. Major respect to Shaq and may Kobe and Gianna rest in paradise.

Author — ProjectJRs


Stay strong Shaq. Kobe lives on in all our hearts.



Please continue to check on SHAQ..he said he hasn't been sleeping PRIOR TO KOBE can tell hes been dealing with ALOT

Author — Ashlee Tyler


You can just tell in Shaq’s eyes how heartbroken he is..

Author — Jenavee XO


God damn, man. This destroyed me.

Shaq is such a genuine person.

Author — adw4891


Shaq crying is the last thing I wished to ever see.

Author — ToggleSpeed


Imagine being in that situation where your daughter is afraid and only you can do is to hug her tight, Trust me Kobe died twice that day 😔

Author — Luke Cook


Why is this so hard to watch?! I don't even follow basketball. Damn.

Author — Rakshith Shetty


Someone needs to be watching shaq cause he needs to take care of himself. Grieving that hard can kill you . He needs to see a grief counselor.

Author — Lexiaa Forever


Shaq is such a larger than life personality, literally and figuratively. Seeing him like this is heartbreaking.

Author — Tim Yac


The thing about Kobe is that he gave most of his wealth away to homeless charities- I know this because I escaped homelessness due to his personal intervention. Now I'm a useful member of society- clean, married, paying taxes, the whole bit. Without him I'd probably be dead. THAT is a mark of true success in life.... RIP Buddy.

Author — DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG


Shaq has lost a lot of people lately. Poor man is hurting, I hope he can find peace. I hope that the families of those who died in the accident can find peace as well. It's so sad.

Author — Chai tea


He sounds so sick I feel bad for him plus he lost his best friend I ain’t gonna act like I was a big fan of Kobe but this really hurts knowing he’s dead 😢

Author — Ayokunle Shoyombo


“If we would of stayed together we would of have ten” 😔 RIP KOBE

Author — Miguel Mendez 10


“ I already don’t sleep anyway”. U really don’t know what someone is going through 😢

Author — Optic Scumbag


Almost a year later and it still doesn’t feel real.

Author — Miguel Sorinio