Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Global Praise and Cuomosexual Fans

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Global Praise and Cuomosexual Fans 5

Governor Andrew Cuomo discusses the global praise he's received for his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, how he's handled becoming the internet's new boyfriend and why people should support the New York state emergency response fund.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Global Praise and Cuomosexual Fans


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I wonder how many people would rather have Cuomo for president?

Author — Andrea George


I watch Gov Cuomo everyday, and I am a Texan.--He is such a strong leader, with empathy!--(I have felt like I was losing my mind watching Trump.)
-But Gov Cuomo does give the facts, and listens to people and answers, or finds out the answer.-Such compassion!--He will end up in the history of this crisis, as such a strong leader...with a sense of humor still too!--He is calming too, and he fights for his state and what is Right!--Thank you Sir.

Author — Cynthia Strahan


I'm an upstate/capital district New Yorker. I'm also the front line as a Respiratory therapist. Governor Cuomo has done more by means of giving honest information and support, than our president has done. In the beginning I felt like I was sent to battle without armor. The governor confirmed this was a real fear in front line workers and did what was necessary to get assistance from the federal government. For whatever political reason the leader of our country assured everyone we were safe and had enough.... untrue from day one. I appreciate the straightforward facts. Not the finger pointing.

Author — Robin Joyce


Recipe to make a Cuomo Cake:
1 cup of competence
1/2 cup of calm
1 tlb of compassion
1 oz of common sense
a pinch of wtf
2 giant balls

Author — Marius Thefaker


"Hanging out with dad isn't cool right now"
Says the hottest NYC dad currently

Author — s3cr3tpassword


I'm living in Asia and my government is rubbish so much that I just need to tune in to Cuomo's daily briefing every night just to comfort myself to sleep.

Author — whateverthatis


He should not be called Governor Cuomo. He should be called President Cuomo.

Author — Whiteowl


I watch Gov. Cuomo from Alberta, Canada. Gov. Cuomo's statements over the last 30+ days have been the most informing statements on the planet. Thank you for your honesty, (not transparency).

Author — Daren M


Governor Cuomo is an incredibly HONEST politician. We definitely need more of his stature in government! Wish he would consider running for President.

Author — Tiger McCann


Andrew is so smart. I hope he runs for president one day. He’d get my vote.

Author — Jaclyn Zen


He is such a good leader. President material? And he is a Babe!

Author — Charlotte Dinsmoor


A real leader who listens to doctors and scientists and shows compassion for the dead and hard working first responders

Author — Anthony Tesla


How did the Democrats get stuck with Biden when this guy is around. 2020 is still coming hard.✌️

Author — D K


Politician becomes hero for using facts to tell truth. the most significant sentence you will hear this decade.

Author — anonymous bosch


Said the same thing today; if you're not worried about getting sick, fine/whatever. But you have to be simply selfish to not wear the dumb mask to protect others. It's not that big of a deal!

Author — C. C.


When Gov. Cuomo is on TV, we stop everything we're doing in our house and listen to him. I don't remember ever feeling like that towards any govt figure. We're all Cuomosexuals in this house, and proud of it. Lots of respect and thanks to you, Gov. Cuomo. 🇺🇸💕👍😷

Author — Ilovelosangeles


he is sexy . he is sexy because he is confident, strong, and steady..

Author — adrestia nyx


Governor Andrew Cuomo has shown true leadership and is a model of what leaders should aspire to be in the future. I take my hat off to him, he has one of the biggest states and going up against Trump and not backing down to show respesct for his people, a real beacon of light. I know you wont read this comment Jimmy, but please pass my thanks from New Zealand. 🤝🏾💯

Author — PSway 05


America, he should be your President instead of that clown

Author — full sender


His brother and him were arguing on Live TV on who's the best son among them.

Author — Sou rabh