Slip Angle, Gutter Run And Drifting On The NEW AKINA + WheelCam

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

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PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT
BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4
AsRock B550 Pro4
Radeon RX5500XT 8GB
16Gb HyperX 3200MHz
Corsair CX550F
5x NZXT AER P120
Gigabyte C200 Glass
1TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD

Wheel Specs:
900° Of Wheel Rotation
Logitech G920
6 Speed H-Pattern Shifter

💬 Comments

I live how you used a combination of grip, 4 wheel drift and power sliding to keep control of the car as if it’s another limb

Author — Unlisted


I would honestly love to do a touge race with you if I had a setup and a pc

Author — Shehryar Ahmad


Should get a wheel stand to not have to clamp the wheel to your desk every single time! The GT Omega ones are really good.

Author — Bless.


Finally a video that captures how takumi drives, every video out there just shows them drifting and if you watched the show you'd know if they were driving like that they'd be slow af

Edit: would be dope if you could show more replays too cause watching it from the outside is dope it's like 3d initial d lmao

Author — Shepherd Y


amazing driving dude and the camera angels are amazing

Author — Popescu Gabi


Awesome job on diy wheel clamp xD i would suggest you to buy or build your own cockpit, and have your wheel just mounted on it 24/7. I built my from some 2x4 and a seat from old bmw.

Author — Ryuuki Madarame


first time since i follow you on instagram that i see your vids, great content

Author — Cerborax


how did you set up the wheel in assetto corsa? i have the same wheel as you but i cant manage to make it feel as smooth as yours

Author — Pat0O


Cura : Moji nisu kod kuce ../ Carguy u AE86 :

Author — Pranjic Toni


I prefer the "old" Akina 2017. That EK thing is just too "in your face" vibrant green, and those "soldier" cloned trees planted perfectly and looking the same ruin all the immersion right away.
Edit: by the way, nice sound mod indeed.

Author — Get Sideways