5 YouTube Analytics that Will Help You Grow Faster

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5 YouTube Analytics that Will Help You Grow Faster 5

Simple explanation of five YouTube analytics that will help you get more views and subscribers! *****

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Looking for an easy to understand YouTube analytics explained video? In this video Sean Cannell from Video Influencers share about the YouTube analytics traffic sources and share tips on how to grow your YouTube channel faster this year!

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Thanks for the video! I think also getting more comfortable in front of the camera and being more consistent will help me in the future also.

Author — Beyond The Review


Wow, I absolutely LOVED this!! The reason why I’m growing FASTER is because of you guys 💛

Author — Joshua Paulino


I feel like I'm stuck sometimes. But I understand different niches have different demands. So, it is a slow process. It's worth it because I love what I'm doing in my niche. Not sure how many people are actually doing it because when I researched similar channels, i had trouble finding similar content.

Anyways great video! I love how informative you are and how clearly you give your message. Analytics are super important. Every YouTuber who is taking this serious needs to understand them. I just feel very pressured sometimes because I'm on a smaller scale.

Author — Paulo Lopez


My best viewed channel is "safe sex travel" - But I don't want to keep doing videos on this topic... Hmmm!

Author — Your Travel with Olivia


Question: I walked through this with you...I started my channel mid January as a cleaning channel, but I decided to do a meal prep video and a day in the life video, they have the highest amount of watch time, but low views. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Author — Simply Me Tay


Best thing to do, is just to do it for fun, if you blow up and become a YouTube star then that’s awesome!! It just takes time, keep making videos and have fun doing it, success will come, and if not at least your having fun making videos of stuff you love.

Author — RenderedReality


This help me a lot as a newbie on YouTube, my first 2 videos were travel vlog, also looking forward how my analytics will progress

Author — Cynthia Lao Diaz


Always appreciate the info and advice you provide, my niche is mainly vlogs, but I tend to do some challenges as well. I'm trying to find a more specific niche as time goes by. Loved the video! 💓 Anybody here doing vlogs as well?

Author — Shaun Yoong


This is all I need to learn right now, I have a lot of visual ideas, I have a lot of my videos on facebook, but now I’m tryna get them all on YouTube, there like docuseries of my life

Author — Miko H Padilla


I am glad to discover this channel. Wow I was missing a lot.

Author — Oktay Dogan


Thanks for making this video. Every time I watch your videos, I always learn something new that's new and helpful. Thanks again

Author — Dave Keys Sports Talk


I am definitely growing. In the last 2 months I’ve doubled by channel subs and grew my total views by 5x where they were.
Edit: Thanks for the heart :) <3

Author — Elite Eric


More on analytics in YT than I knew. Thanks for the education.

Author — William Hartmann


Finally a comprehensive and easy to understand look at how to make the most of the Studio Beta analytics!! Thank you so much Sean! I needed this!!

Author — Author Brittany Wang


Been on youtube two years. I’ve noticed when I started making content I really loved and worked hard on, the better my growth was! Analytics are super important

Author — Tarrah Kristine Taylor


thank you so much for this, i always love your videos and tips!!! i just hit 100 subscribers in 3 weeks because of these strategies

Author — YBTamoi


Thanks for the help! I just started me channel! 😁

Author — Tiger Mobile


This is your BEST video EVER. Thank you so much :-)

Author — Shikha Jain Koollifestyle


Last time I watched one of these, I only had like 11 subs, now I've got 18, thanks.

Author — P1K3L


Amazing video man! I have been implementing your info on my videos as much as i can!

Author — AlexBeltran