TVJ News: Reckless Bus Driver Caught on Video - February 6 2020

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TVJ News: Reckless Bus Driver Caught on Video - February 6 2020 4.5
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1:26 ' No, no, no interview' him think him famous 😭😂😂😂😂

Author — Gania Campbell


Stupidity at the highest level. I'm happy he didn't cause any accident and injury or possibly killed innocent people.

Author — Richard noble


Suh people really siddung inna one bus wid the driver a wave the steering wheel inna him hand an a dance outta door all while driving hmm 😒😒😒

Author — Shelly-Ann


The passengers also encourage and give him strength.

Author — Anti-Hero


I guess this guy didn’t read the fine print. In order to pull off stunt like this he need to have friends in very high places like the benz driver....

Hit 👍🏾 if you agree 😉

Author — Marlie B


Them fi lock him up and tek weh him licence

Author — Karen Ellis


Serve him right... Some of these Cross Roads drivers are not fit for driving.. and I'm talking from experience with them

Author — Quaka Scott


if ah foreign them tek weh him license too on top of that unlawlesnes

Author — junior char


Good job but u transport authority only c when things getting out of hand how u guys not checking the bus park on c that bus drivers raising fare on bus without government confirmed it c where to go Mandeville is 350 now bus charging 500 what that seems they robbing passengers not only what the driver doing now u guys in transport authority must c need to send workers in the park on c that bus seating capacity that show 12 it a carry 20 u guys too comfortable in office on public passengers vehicl on drivers disrespect on abuse passengers

Author — Libra boss


Lawlessness start from the law men if yall didn't know a Tru a nuh police him a drive fah else there wouldn't be no problem

Author — mad rasss


These passengers smh... Dem nuh better than the driver.

Author — Deh Deh


See what happened when you idle and irresponsible, kmft!

Author — crime face law


Lol no interview

Author — Terrio Lancer


All these buses should be equipped with camera that’s monitored by the officials and the peoples of Jamaica 🇯🇲 is to be blamed also it’s all fun and games until lives are lost

Author — Page One


Weh the benz bwoy did any different from tht🤔



Him a Idiot..NOw uh see what soma the bus system is like in Jamaica..

Author — Malitv ja


Lawlessness seems to be a subculture amongst many of us jamaicans. Wow😏

Author — Teego Stu


It's inappropriate ?!!! No no no ! It's DANGEROUS !

Author — Wine Bottle


And everyone that was in the bus at the time gone left him...dwl

Author — Erykah Plummer


The uptown high society BMW stunt driver i think in last year, didnt get this kinda treatment.. Sad overall.😞🙊

Author — Music Factory