What makes the Ford Falcon so great?

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The Ford Falcon is an Australian Icon, one that we lost back in 2016. Steve gets all nostalgic and stuff as he gives an inside look into the mega cool aspects of the mighty EL for Falcon, and why it is a true tragedy that we no longer make em...

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We had them in South Africa. Really great cars. No other car when it comes to durability comes near it. The Midrand Traffic Police Reaction Init had one, which was resposible for about 80% of the Hi-Jack arrests in the Johannesburg area in the Mid to late 1990s. The last known service was the 450, 000 Km service.

Author — @davehamlyn3097


The EF/EL Falcons looked way ahead of their time compared to the VR/VS commodores, and were a little more wider & longer. The inline six was easy to work on, but the a/c problems & central locking failures could really give you the sh**ts!

Author — @paulsz6194


El had more sound proofing, revised watts link geometry same as ef. xr6 thicker UV glass, improved side intrusion, revised seats, great car one of the best falcons

Author — @cameronjay7835


I bought an El falcon for my missus, it was the only car in our budget with rego that we could get our hands on. Little did I know, I would completely fall in love with it. Even though it’s been nothing but trouble for the past year with its 372, 000kms, blown head gasket, rusted out sills and an absolute stack of issues and breakdowns that have plagued the poor thing, I never ever want to get rid of it! I’m hoping to bring it back to it’s former glory and completely rebuild it from top to bottom, this Aussie icon deserves nothing less. 🙏🏼

Author — @DeadRising95


i had a Silver EL falcon i called it the "Silver Soldier" because despite not running with any thermo fans (for 15 years!) and going through 2 gearboxes 2 diffs and a bunch of tierods it just Soldiered on to about 400, 000k's of road trips, towing stupid loads & doing massive skids! the Engine never gave up, in the end though it was "car cancer" that brought it down, i still miss it to this day!



I've owned just about every model of falcon from the XT -BA, and a bunch of 250 cortinas also, and I agree its one of the best engines ever built, built ford tough, get a falcon up ya.

Author — @adelaidesky5039


I have an el fairmont and I agree with you. This car is a beast, I have done heaps of driving into some of Australia's more remote and rugged parts and it has not let me down. Yes, driving this does feel like sitting on a sofa.
I am tempted to try taking my ford across the great central road, northern territory to WA. I know it can handle it.

Author — @davidh6300


I had an EL falcon. Sometimes it would turn off when I turned left. I loved it.

Author — @vlockley


I wanted an EL all though my teens then when finally getting one it was worth the wait. Was such a great car

Author — @twentysixhundred7813


Best car ever made. I drive a 95 model Ef falcon futura. 467.000 on the clock. And still going strong. Lowered it, Put mags and a redback exhaust on it. Looks great. Drive it at least 250 kms every week. Love everything about it.

Author — @paulgates2669


Great video, I have the last EL Falcon sedan available in Australia, had to wait for it to come to W.A from another Ford dealer. The car's exterior is white, interior is Gunmetal Gray and had some XR6 parts on it such as sports suspension, upgraded brakes and red moulds instead of black around outside of car. The car went through and survived a wildfire in 2016 and the original engine has just over 403, 000 kilometers on the clock. It's regularly serviced so apart from replacing break pads, oil filters/oil, spark plugs and tyres everything else is still the original factory parts. However, it now needs some TLC but parts are difficult to find, like door seals, key fobs and rear doors trims around the small windows which were pitted in fire. Car runs exceptionally well, feels strong on suspension and it will outlast me. The EL Falcon has served me well, I love it. However, I would have like to have had the opportunity to purchase one of the last Australian Falcons so people could see the difference in upgrades between the two vehicles.

Author — @tonyanzellino4359


Great presentation on the car and love what you say about the intended target market

Author — @karlfurrutter14


I owned a gun metal grey
Ef falcon
Loved it
Tough and powerful
Great cars

Author — @lukeya1983


Spot on with that weird interior plastic. I grew up with two 90s Toyotas (that we still have) and recently bought an EB II GLi wagon and was surprised how the plastics felt. The old 4.0 is a venerable engine for sure. My M91LE is the same, it’s either silky smooth or like a jackhammer.

Author — @munnsie100


Sitting in a falcon with Jimmy on the 8 band equalizer stereo, ah, the memories

Author — @Lexe-is5nv


Great overview!

I remember riding the back of a family friend's BA XT as a kid. Very comfortable, but not very eventful. That was until one day their foot slipped reversing up a hill... thing took off like the drag tree went green! I knew there was something to the humble 6 from that time on.

While the earlier ones may lack some punch (or just have really tall gearing), they do offer more driver feel than BA onwards.

Author — @seanm996


The EA-ED is honestly my dream car (probably due to nostalgia over anything else to be honest, my favourite aunt had a bright red manual EA when I was a kid), and I need to pick one up soon while I still can. Luckily my Outback's timing belt is almost due, and I'm a poor uni student, so I've got the perfect excuse to bite the bullet.

Author — @bigdude101ohyeah


It's bloody good car and never had any issues with my engine

Author — @michaelosullivan8288


Great homage to the mighty falcon.
The old man had a FJ in the mid 60s but signed up for new XT Falcon 500, then 2nd hand XC 500 & XE GL, a new XF then a 1 yr old EA GL to drag a caravan around for a lap of OZ. All 6 cyl auto but the XF was a fancy S Pack, the digital dash was erratic but otherwise a good rig .

Author — @Gazzatron51


25 years of pretty much trouble free motoring for me with the mighty Falcon.

Author — @edxr6949