[9.24] Miss Fortune Bug EXPLAINED (Everything You Need to Know)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

League of Legends Miss Fortune season 9 gameplay.
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💬 Comments

Let’s hope someone from riot see this and fixes this bug ASAP

Author — @carterorg8049


Yeah I noticed this earlier today. Really annoying bug, pretty much makes PTA a lot less useful on MF. Guess we back to Comet now boys.

Author — @BunnychanFarabee


when ya literally never use pta on mf (as not prefered style) and still watch the full video....

Author — @lux.k1750


How do you decide when to go crit or lethality miss fortune? MFDB

Author — @carterorg8049


Haha this won't affect me I always auto first

Author — @hyper_5pace902