Adventures with Siyaya- Yarn wig making pt 2/2

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Rambling and trying to show how I make my basic yarn wigs if you have any questions leave them bellow or dm me on ig @siyayabjd. I'm always open to answer questions

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Thanks for this video because I'm doing tutorials myself for wigmaking and may you and your viewers could like them as well 🎨

Author — @shishasmakeup


This was an awesome video! One day are you going to upload a tutorial on how to make a short kind a like a boy wig? Because I'd be all over that haha

Author — @k.bproductions8298


whats the best yarn to make these kinds of wigs? i use red heart but when i brush it out is comes out smaller then the original length that ive chosen T^T

Author — @shesnaamah