CLEAR POTATO CHIP & Bonus Tater Tots Recipe

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CLEAR POTATO CHIP & Bonus Tater Tots Recipe 5
You can see right through this potato chip. Here's how to make it and
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"what do we have for snack?"

"fried plastic"

Author — Ivan Wang


1500s: Scraping bacteria off meat and still eating it

2019: Deep fried water

Author — Olly Sean


i got my driver side window smashed on my car in a break in a week ago, i think i'll use that clear potato chip recipe to make a new one!

Author — layzer80


Omg this channel appeared so random and now i can't stop watching the videos send help

Author — Lina Screams


That will go great with a crystal clear pepsi

Author — Moe Syzslak


"When I used to forage for mushrooms when I lived in Montana" ... of course she did

Author — cal jul


“Mom can we get some chips?”

“We have chips at home”

*the chips at home*

Author — DaTrippster


Im supposed to be sleeping but I had to know how to make a clear potato chip

Author — Cringe Croissant


I freaking love how she describes the food after she eats them.. it's like I'm tasting it too

Author — Angel Zapata


That potato chip looks like bacteria under a microscope

Author — Put your tongue on my Ass


In India, we have been making transparent crisps from tapioca, rice wheat starch for generations. We usually dry them in sun and then fry them like pappadum. They are delicious!

Author — tshreyu


"my tater tots are turning into tater dust" lmfao

Author — Gabriel Cember


“Thats kinda sexy this gel stuff man OW”

Author — EntirelyBonkers


was really waiting for “my tater tots are turning into tater nots” but that’s okay

Author — mandy b.


2:39 *"PaRdOn ThE pOtAtO sTaRcH."*

Author — Cluster Of Clods


I finally found someone who comes from my home planet. Does voices, makes noises, sings segue music and sound effects. Love it.

Author — 2degucitas


Emmy: "cause WhO LIkeS A sCRAWnY Chip?"

Emmy: "I do actually..."

I adore you so much and I'm so glad I found you again!

Author — Kanon Poletski


They kinda just look like an afterthought of a potato chip. Maybe a ghost chip?

Author — Callie Hughes


Awe yes essence of potato: my favorite food.

Author — Victoria Wilver


* gets more potato starch on her top in an effort to brush it off*

The struggle is real.

Author — Kathlene Charbonneau