Mach-Loop & LFA7 2019 Highlights

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Mach-Loop & LFA7 2019 Highlights 4.5

#Lowlevel #MachLoop #F15 #USAF #RAF #Snowdonia
A compilation of footage I shot during a 2019. from the Mach Loop and other area's in LFA7 in Wales
Its been a quite year in the Hills for Low level training near Dolgellau North Wales but I'v had some enjoyable Day's filming the Aircraft and chasing all three of the Heritage F-15 from RAF Lakenheath!
All shot with a Sony AX 53

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I'd give my front teeth to fly in one for these for a minute

Author — قناة ماهر


I’m grateful that the Americans keep a lot of fighters on our soil

Author — clive hudson


I’m just gonna say it.
The scenery of the Mach Loop is every bit as cool as these aircraft.

Author — Clay F


Love watching this video it’s so good!...& the last shot is perfect the sound the positioning the aircraft & that perfect 👌

Author — Danny Walker


The different styles are so amazing. Smooth or aggressive.

Author — Udo HirschmNN


Dancers in the sky. Thanks for putting this on, , , the long bow probably the best helicopter
In this land

Author — PATHFINDER 63


I’d give anything to be able to go there and experience that truly awesome great great shots.

Author — Michael Day


Great work, as usual :) I so enjoy the steady smooth camera work which makes it so easy to watch!

Author — P Scott


Thanks for the Incredible photography and braving the elements to get that for us.



That turn at 4.55 cant be far off a high speed stall.

Author — ianh


Stunning compilation as always!!! Happy New Year, catch you in the loop!

Author — Anthony Fogarty


Absolutely beautiful Elwyn! Thank you for taking us there with you

Author — FranklinBurns


Brilliant video, the F15 is one of my favourite aircraft and I used to see quite a few of them when I was growing up in East Anglia. I liked the Union flag at 09:55 particularly as it was part of an Australian flag.

Author — Cainsy


Just want to say Happy New Year and a massive thanks for taking the time to stand out there in what can be some truly atrocious weather at times, Much appreciated.

Author — Steve Boyd


Think about it - 46 years later, the F15's are still a major force to be reckond with! Such a beautiful and well made bird.

Author — z


Kudos on the camera work!!
Especially the f16 @3:50!!


Author — Bicentennial Nagger


Happy new year Elwyn! Great vid as always! Keep on posting for the next decade! Love your vids! Cheers!

Author — Ted Liddiment


I think I was a pilot in my past life. Love these vids. Thank you and Happy New Year! :-)

Author — PAL 725


Great work Elwyn. Those F15's look like pure evil. Great aircraft even if it is getting old.

Author — orgcoast


Thank you so much for your fantastic videos and stills, must find time this coming year to visit Wales. Best wishes for 2020 .

Author — Clive Skelton