Most Creative People With Amazing Skills

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Most Creative People With Amazing Skills 5

There are lots of incredibly creative and artistically talented people in the world. Lets find out about the most creative people with the most amazing skills.

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All of these guys should get together and make one of the greatest pieces of art known to man.

Author — Tim Unknown


8:20 that is not a banana leaf that’s Taro or also known as Gabi leaf here in the Philippines 🇵🇭

Author — Ronie Nayve Jr.


Random fact
Carrots were originally purple in colour

Author — Fabian Teixeira


8:25 Narrator: the man uses large *Banana Leaves*
Me: This ain't banana leaves

Author — Neal Caranzo


That paper cutting was insane! Wow! ♥️🤘🏻

Author — EinieN J


nobody cares about you being first, or if your watching during quarantine, ok?

Author — Genevieve Ainsworth


Did anyone else hear him say “a baby’s but”

Author — Elf


"Duct tape lots and lots of duct looks more like electrical tape boss lol

Author — Chino Loco


Random fact:

Extreme ironing is a sport in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. It originated in England.

Author — SciFacts


8:25 those aren't banana leaves. I'm not really common with English terms but in our neighborhood in Philippines its called "gabi"

Author — Mark Philip Ortega


Funny, the one that got me to 'click', the leafs, was the least impressive. All he did was use the leafs as a mold. The finished work was ok, but nothing compared to most of the reat.

Author — wz0hjd


8:20 I'm pretty sure thats not a banana leaf!

Author — Nathaniel Ortega


I love this
"To most people, the pencil is the tool used to create, but not this guy!" "To many people, the paper is the canvas used to create, not this person"

Author — Michael Samples


That is not banana leaf, this is chemb ella( elephant ears)

Author — Sree vidya Pradeep


When you said "its like the last airbender" t thought:

The last woodbender

Author — Fire & Ice Eve


I feel like people did some of this stuff during quarantine because they were so bored

Author — All things Marine


Him: “I imaging the-“
*”Mosquito spray!”*

Author — P u f f y


The last woodbender?! How many guys want that name😂

Author — Dee Pee


To any fan of BE AMAZED! You are amazing and unique never let anyone tell u otherwise, Always remember to never give up your dreams keep chasing them even if u feel like u want to give up keep trying your best to succeed them! I always dreamed about becoming a successful youtuber one day I just hope i can succeed my dream I would also appreciate any help!

Author — Bakedevil007


Some idiot: the perfect curly hair doesnt exi-
Letitia ky: *Hold my hair*

Author — Miojinh0 Irritanteee