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All knockouts of Naoya Inoue
Naoya Inoue is a Japanese professional boxer. He is a three-weight world champion and currently a unified bantamweight world champion, having held the WBA (Super), IBF, and Ring magazine titles since 2019. He previously held the WBO junior-bantamweight title from 2014 to 2018, and the WBC light-flyweight title in 2014.
Nicknamed "Monster", Inoue is known for his punching power and body attack, having a knockout-to-win ratio of 85%. As of May 2021, he is ranked as the world's best active bantamweight by BoxRec and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB), as well as the world's second best active boxer, pound for pound, by the The Ring and TBRB, and third by ESPN.

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That man has power beyond his size. Truly is a monster. Love watching him fight.

Author — Thornton Melon


He leans forward right after a combo so pretty much a counter is impossible

Author — Olacío Eduardo


I don’t think people understand how powerful he is, this type of KO power is almost unheard of at these lighter weight classes, most KOs are TKOs, rarely do you see guys get starched like this, most underrated boxer in the world atm, seriously scary

Author — Charlie O’Brien


yanoa sait danser et il sait frapper la boxe est un art quand elle est pratiqué avec tant de classe ...merci à lui

Author — sly&robbie


What makes him lethal is that his shots are so precise. Blocking is futile

Author — Davide Lento


That liver shot of his is vicious, cant wait to see more of his talent develop.

Author — Martin Castaneda


Its so intimidating, and will be increasingly intimidating for future opponents the more knockouts he continue to rack up.

I mean, its pure terror knowing that he will find your gut or liver with those powershots even though you are protecting the best you can. I mean just look at some of the bodyshot KO´s... he find openings that seem to be an inch wide. Its incredible, and it looks so deliberate, like he really sees that tiny opening before it appears and... I cant even... and then spreading the terror of his lethal bodyshots opens up the head, where he only needs one punch from e-i-t-h-e-r hand! You have to defend high or low, you have to make a choice. But what do you do if there is no choice? If you can go down by one punch bot upstairs and downstairs? And the opponent you are facing is faster than you?

Hes not just a monster. Hes a NIGHTMARE for every boxer in his division. They ask their wives to check under the bed for Naoya Inoue before they can go to sleep.

Author — oneinch punched


He never seems to get excited or rush things, very calm and methodical and one punch power in both hands.

Author — harold floyd


I absolutely love how humble and modest he is. Splits open a guy’s liver and doesn’t showboat or be a cocky prick like a lot of fighters. So much respect.

Author — Silver Shadow


Великолепный Монстр Наоя Иноуэ! Смотрю все его бои, смотрю ролики из боксерского зала - он прекрасен. Адский труд на тренировках всю его жизнь - совершенство в ринге. Уважаю этого человека как большого труженика и яркий талант.

Author — Асиель Орнмегиль


This guy is everything a champion should be. An incredible boxer, humble, respectful, and an all around good person.

Author — Christina Golumbino


That left to the body/ribs is a hell of a shot. Very difficult to defend consistently. Accuracy and speed. Very impressive.

Author — evilrslade


Those liver shots look godawful, but the scariest thing is Inoue knocking boxers out by punching THROUGH their guard. We're not talking about Butterbean here, this guy has knockout power through the guard and he's never weighed more than a buck 20 for a fight.

Author — Ocean Dark


The leverage he gets from the long arms adds so much speed and impact to his shots.
That short left hook he uses, both to the head and to the liver are just devastating.

Author — G M


So much power in such a small frame. Naoya is Legendary!

Author — Michael Truong


Inoue is the real deal, a real “banger” who can knock you out with either hand. But his punch to his opponents liver is brutal, the pain on his opponents face says it all, it’s like Inoue is ripping his opponents insides out. The sky is the limit for the monster.

Author — Simon Lee


Excellent all-around skills combined with constant, disciplined aggression.

Author — J G


He's hands down the most impressive body puncher I've ever seen!

Author — Ian Armstrong


Most of his knock out came from body shot, what a "monster" 🔥

Author — Wala Ba Tayo Dyan


It's time for him to move up the weight class

Author — hariz ihsan