Receive Positive Energy From The Universe !! Connect To The Source !! 528 Hz Miracle God Frequency

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Receive Positive Energy From The Universe !! Connect To The Source !! 528 Hz Miracle God Frequency 4.5

ALBUM: Awakening
TRACK: Good News Miracle Music

Meditation music now with the more powerful miracle frequency 432 Hz + 528 Hz.
Visualize, Take Actions with this manifest meditation and law of attraction meditation music.

A lot of us tend to visualize on a daily. However, we use it in a way that possibly lets us imagine the worst probable outcome to a certain situation or things that we do not want in our life. It’s like worrying about something for a long time and seeing it happen in your real life (something that you were already dreading to experience). Visualizing in an optimistic manner in anticipation of positive results help bridge the gap between The Law of Attraction to bring out positive outcomes in your life.

Believe it or not, Law of attraction isn’t an entrance to secret magic world or enchanted ritual to follow, instead, it is a simple and unchanging universal principle.

Visualization is an ancient practice of focusing one’s energy on a certain image to receive or manifest a thought, an idea or a purpose. We can use various methods in combination with visualization.

1.Visualization and breathing (meditation)
2.Positive Visualization and affirmations
3.Visualization and sound, mantras, chants

They all lead towards enhancing one’s energy, building up positive vibrations. Overall, creating a zone of attraction of cosmic energy / person’s intention.
How does the law of attraction work?

Let’s consider the law of attraction as gravity. If you toss a coin, it will fall. If you mistakenly spill a coffee, it will drip on the ground, as well. Gravity is an unchanging law of the universe. It’s not significant that you believe in Gravity – things will still work under its process. Even if you have no belief over gravity, a coin will come down once you toss it, things will fall and even break into pieces.

But when you start believing in gravity, you are enabled to a mindset that predicts and expects what may happen in the future. The Law of Attraction works in a similar manner. Things migrate toward other like things. Like energies follow like energies. This law encompasses thoughts, feelings, objects, people and everything else that forms a part of this cosmic world we live in. The law continues to work irrespective of your belief system.

How to use the law of attraction and visualization meditation in manifesting goals?

The answer is simple. Start believing and visualizing situations that should happen instead of worrying about what should not. What if this happen, what if I fail, what if I won’t be able to do it? What if I am not worthy? Get rid of these thoughts. Forget the why me and migrate to the TRY ME version.
Your awareness towards the law of attraction can affect your life. It’s really important for one to understand this law, tune it according to your perspective and your relationship with the universe. There are two kinds of people in the world, one’s that believe that their thoughts and actions affect their surroundings and others that believe things just HAPPEN to them.

Want to manifest lot faster? Here’s how to do it!

1.Understand what you are looking forward to. Know what you want! Think about it, if you had nothing holding you back in your life, what would you want it look like?
2.Describe your vision in detail. This is a crucial step. When you want to manifest something in your life, you need to have a clear vision of how it should look like and how you want it to be. You can create a vision board, write it down somewhere or keep a tab of it in your personal diary / journal.
3.Start visualizing, create the emotions you need to channelize your thoughts and manifest them into the reality.
4.Take action: You cannot just sit in a place and think you want something. If you want something, you need to work towards directing it back to you. You can ask yourself, what is something that I can do today to move a step closer to my goals?
5.Do not give up: Perseverance pays. Life does pass us lemons and while some tend to dwell over it, others sell these lemons or even better put up a lemonade stand.

As you continue visualizing the life you want and make use of the five aforementioned steps, you will start to see things reflecting your visual intention. A number of people believe in this, including renowned celebrities like Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey.
ALBUM: Awakening
TRACK: Good News Miracle Music
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One of my wishes is

all of you in comments will have their wishes come true.
Even if it doesn't happen right away
I really believe this 🌅 morning that every wish here will be granted.

Promise me you will keep visualizing daily.
And work on a vision board adding pictures quotes and your dreams for 2019. you can even do a separate one for The holidays.
I just got a chill
for me that means a big yes your wishes are going to manifest
(Unless it would cause you or your family and loved ones harm.)


And whenever possible pay it forward and show an act of kindness to someone you don't know.

Author — Antoinette Chavez


I wish and manifest that everyone’s intentions come to reality as long as no one else gets hurt in order to see a dream come true. May God and the Guardian Angels listen to our desires and why not, I do wish for a peaceful, loving, wealthy, healthy humanity on earth and everywhere else in our galaxy. ¡Así Será! Amen! 🙏🏻👼🏻🦋🌟🌟🌟

Author — Mari’s Rainbow


I am a millionaire because l won powerball and megamillion lottery tickets. ty universe!

Author — MissGoddess UniverseYan


Tonight, I wish for a life of great joy and happiness to help others in need.

Author — Carolyn Johnson


My only wish is for my husband to come back to me and our family. We have been separated since July but I love him so.He is with another married woman right now but I know he still loves me deep down. I pray he returns and soon to save our marriage of 26 years. I do believe.

Author — Wanda W


My wish this night is for effortless financial prosperity consciousness connecting me now to the flow and financial windfalls and security on my life path aiding me in being a truly good person.
Being mindful to forgive myself and others.
To pay it forward.

I wish the same for all of you along with your dreams wishes love come to you.
And of course the same to the generous persons who created
this video and a sacred space to ground our intentions into reality.

I thank god jesus angels and the vast universe.
I open to the above with complete gratitude and love.

Author — Antoinette Chavez


My wish is to have a healthy pregnancy with my miracle baby ..GOOD HEALTH AND PURE HAPPINESS

Author — 122363 Richards


I manifesting wealth now. God's timing is Perfect i attract fabulous wealth. I am Rich now i am welthy now and i wish all of you the same abundance and lavish life 😍

Author — Anita Lekawska


Wishing for flooded Abundance of Wealth, Health, and Happy loving relationships, from the Grace of God for the highest and best use of All!
God Bless All Of You!

Author — Christy Wilson


I wish for justice and America gets back to progressing forward. Corruption ends and people are held accountable

Author — Cheri


I must listen more. I asked once I believe and felt your message that it would be granted even if it takes time. Well, both wishes seem much better. Thanks for all your caring and hope praying for me to continue. I will listen more. Amen

Author — Gloria Golemboski


I wish to Never Give Up in Life. To keep Moving Forward toward my Dreams and Goals.. I wish for more strength and Patience. I wish to Be the Best Mommy for My Kids.

Author — Susana Gomez



Author — Miss Tery


I wish to all of you health and a blessed life !

Author — Noah's Ark


Wishing for a turnaround in my life this evening both personal and business please send me positive vibes so my situation can turn around. I’m hoping for a miracle this evening 🙏

Author — Ester Hamukoto


I wish the Freedom of all obstacles. Blessed everyone.

Author — Jane Fairfax


My car just got stuck in a flood, my appraiser called me today and said it may be totaled and a total loss. It’s a brand new 2018 Dodge Challenger, my appraiser said he will get back to me to let me know whether they can repair it or not. Please universe, please god bring me my car back repaired and better than ever. I know I’ll get her back, thank you ! I can’t be car less again. Please god 🙏🏽 Thank you Jesus for my blessing. Bless everyone watching and fulfill all their needs and desires amen

Author — fijiand0ll91


My miracle of excellent good health starts now.

Author — Mary Fritz


I wish to be married to my twinflame, build a beautiful family, an empire, travel around the world & live happily ever after.

Author — Glyza Pelaez



Author — Miss Tery