Inside the Afghan National Army (Full Length)

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Inside the Afghan National Army (Full Length) 4.5

VICE News embedded with the Afghan National Army (ANA) in Kandahar for their first "fighting season" without the Americans.

In Afghanistan, springtime starts with a bang as it marks the start of the "fighting season" between the Taliban and Afghan security forces. For the first time in 12 years, the Afghan National Army (ANA) has to operate without their American allies as US troops withdraw. VICE News' Gelareh Kiazand travels to Kandahar to see how the ANA, the police, and ordinary Afghans are dealing with this turning point in a very long war.

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That artillery scene was funny when they were trying to figure out how to fire the cannon. "You're embarrassing us, you idiot!"

Author — JC545X39


watching this in 2020 I can see that everything they say is wrong

Author — Aleksandar Skopje


Love the intro:
"Welcome to Kandahar. May God protect you."
*Wides eyes*

Author — Nickuncle


I love how excited the guy was that he managed to hit the top of mountain lol

Author — Raioni


I am so sad to see the disturbance in my neighboring country Afghanistan. We Indians really need to help more to our Afgan brothers and sisters.

Author — Liz & Das


The kids are so cute.. poor kids :(. They don't deserve to live like that, no one does...

Author — FoxjrGaming


The woman doing this documentary is beautiful!

Author — bohdilama


I would really love to see Afghanistan go back to its pre-taliban years when women held an equal jobs with men and enjoyed full rights to education and vote.

Author — MrPainseeker


2015....Taliban still not under control.

Author — Dank_Memes


God Bless the Afghan People, may they have peace and prosperity for the children and families. May they unite and defeat the evil Taliban. Love from America.

Author — Ben micheal


"we kill children if they go to school" thats taliban for you folks! this country needs literacy for progress and taliban wants to deny that!

Author — Hoxton


The Afghan general is dead now! Rest in Peace!!!

Author — Luke Skywalker


I love how the hailstorm breaks all their windows and they just keep driving around blind in a warzone like its no big deal

Author — Spencer Nelson


39:24 "You are my bro, bro"


39:30 "I am gonna kick your as*!"

Author — imran hazim


The old uncle doing namaz in the field. Mashaallah 😍



so this is pretty much a fail. vice wasnt able to get close to any fighting to see how the army was performing. all they basically got was hearsay from people.

Author — tontonpacute


Peace for Afghanistan and Peace for All Nations Worldwide 

Author — Rahmat


wow. America has done a lot for this military

Author — skat3noah


This is so painful to see..May Afghan army defeat barbaric useless Talibans..may peace prevail there soon :|

Author — Gorkhali Soul


i need the name of the reporter for research purposes

Author — Bluroh