GLEE - If I Die Young (Full Performance) + Break Down (Official Music Video) HD

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GLEE - If I Die Young (Full Performance) + Break Down (Official Music Video) HD 5

GLEE - Full Performance of If I Die Young + Break Down + Kurt Talk.
Sung by: Santana Lopez/Naya Rivera.
Episode: 5x03 "The Quaterback".

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Cruelest irony. She was singing this song about Cory when she was next... I still can’t believe it...

Author — CDG


Rest in Heaven Naya. This hits hard. Real tears.

Author — Simi Oladele


Very tragic:

1: Finn (Cory) was caught with drugs in his locker planted by his teacher and Cory died of a drug overdose.

2: Puck (Mark) said: "In ten years, I will either be jail or dead or both". Mark was convicted of child porn possession and sentenced to jail and died of suicide by hanging before he was incarcerated.

3: Naya (Santana) says "if I die young....sink me in a river." Naya drowned in a body of water.

Also, did anyone else notice that the male teacher of the glee club looks exactly like former US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan?

Author — Kevin Park


For me, that breakdown was no acting, but completely real😭😭And now she's with him...

Author — Kalel Bueno


The fact that she sang this for Cory & died 7 years later in the exact way she describes ("sink me in the river at dawn") is just creepy.

Author — Hilmi Önal


Please don’t let this tragedy turn out real. Praying she will be found alive and healthy. Please. 💔

Author — Sami Slimani


This feels really wried. I miss you. We miss you

Author — 모니모니


This hits hard she sang this to dedicate Corey, and her body was found on the same day Corey died. Now we dedicate it to both of them. Rip Naya, you died a hero.

Author — Meisakward 08


There’s something about her scream at the end that so blood curdling and transcends any pretense the episode had at fiction. It’s almost like she felt that somehow the song, Cory and her were connected... her body was found the same day his was 7 years ago exactly.... the lyrics to this song so describe them both... Rip Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith

Author — Lauren Nightingale


She died saving her child She is a true hero and will be remembered forever😔😔😔

Author — Merlin The Gecko


Listening to this feels wrong. This feels like a bad dream. You were and are so loved. We miss you

Author — Kalie Arnold


i’m not sure why but i can’t really believe nayas gone, it doesn’t feel real at all

Author — Clara- Grace


"I belive that Finns in heaven with his best freind fat Elvis"

Great memory of santana

Author — Kaleb Hicks


“Funny when you're dead how people start listenin“ really hits hard.

RIP Naya, we are have been, and will continue to listen.

Author — Charlie St. Dennis


This was heartbreaking from seeing her leave the Choir room but seeing Kurt give Santana Finn’s jacket .... that broke me. I’ve never fully watched Glee but a couple months back I started seeing all of theses clips of Santana Lopez and I really connected to her as a gay brown skinned Mexican I could see and relate to her struggles and anger and her wit. I grew to love this character and adore Naya Rivera. I’m not religious so I can’t say she’s in a better place now but I just really hope her son and family eventually find peace. RIP Naya and thank you for portraying such an important character.

Author — Anjealous Anaconda


The fact that she’s the one who sang this. Specially the lyrics. It all feels so different now.

Author — Samantha Louise


The timing of the breakdown wasn't scripted. You can tell by how they had to cut the audio. Otherwise, they would have recorded it to make it sound more natural. RIP Naya.

Author — Kassidy Morrow


I hope Naya and Cory are together in heaven, laughing and reminiscing over the good times. Rest in peace </3

Author — Phoenix Corozza


The fact that Naya's breakdown wasn't in the script showed how all of the members of the cast loved each other. Rest in peace Corey and Naya.❤

Author — Sarah Kodama


Of all the songs SHE could have sang... she sings this 😔

Author — alicia powers