Living in Canada | What basement apartment looks like in Toronto

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Living in Canada | What basement apartment looks like in Toronto 4.5
In this video we want to show you how basement apartment look like in Greater Toronto Area.

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We are the family of immigrants from Ukraine who lives in Canada. And here we are sharing our immigration and settlement experience in Toronto as the immigrants. We hope that you will enjoy our channel and maybe you would find some useful information for yourself. Please subscribe to our channel and don't miss our new videos.


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Dont be fooled not all basements look like this!!!! I have spent about 4 years in 2 basements and it was horrible!!! No natural light no privacy you cannot adjust the AC or heater etc it was aweful

Author — Emira Ben Youssef


OHHH PULEASE!----the majority of basement apartments, do NOT look anything like that, before you post such malarkey, do your research FIRST!

Author — Leeanne Batchelor


Don’t be fooled. The majority of basements do not look like this. Besides there’s no sunlight and gets very cold in winter. Not to forget, you’re always under the watchful eye of the landlord.

Author — Sunshine


This is a luxurious basement. Don’t be fooled, basement apartment is a nightmare

Author — Shan


You must be kidding me. The vast majority of basements in Toronto do NOT look like that.

Author — Blair Ferguson


This is a walkout basement in a better off neighbourhood north of Toronto proper, very misleading video.

Author — K P


Seems quite well appointed and convenient.

Author — Janet Cousins


i'm betting the rent is$1700 plus hydro. lol

Author — Renee Moore


I felt cut of from the world when living in a basement ..Very cold in winters

Author — Reality Platform


Omg basements will make you sick, Canada’s weather is very cold and humid I don’t know why all the houses have basements and the basements have mold which is dangerous for health,

Author — Satisfying Slime DIY


I lived in basement appartement during university, no light, humidity odors, no counter top to cook, minuscule bathroom, à nightmare and Too expensive

Author — patricia boivin


This is more like a Boys quarters ( BQ). Nice space!

Author — zainab omoti


How is this a basement apartment? It is 'not' underground and it is sitting level with the house next door which is clearly 'above' ground.

Author — Mildrid J


Majority of basements do not good light, an easy opening to garden. Basements are used for dumping goods not in much use.

Author — Raj Katoch


This one is good. I love the windows and the dining area.

Author — Rizzy Stories


That's actually a beautiful apartment but not all look like this one thank you for sharing 👍

Author — Tina Hachey


How much does this apartment cost? Very nice!

Author — Snicky G


Can you please tell the location of this house. I am also looking for house in Toronto

Author — Akalya Mohan


Hey.... It's pretty good and compact...

Author — Gokul Gandhi


This is a great basement you've found 👍. Rent is also quite reasonable if it is in GTA. Can you please confirm which area is this and how can I find similar layout basement? Would really appreciate

Author — Nadeem