WAPE 'The Mighty 690' - Jacksonville 1965

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In the 1960s, 70s, and into the 80s, the big AM radio station along the U.S. eastern seaboard was WAPE "The Big Ape" in Jacksonville. WAPE put out a monster 50,000-watt signal on 690 that blanketed the east coast from Washington DC to Miami. "The Mighty 690" was the "home town station" for communities throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.

This is a 2-minute composite clip of the Dino Summerlin Show from "The Big Ape" in early 1965, accompanied by a few vintage postcard views of Jacksonville. A few half-hour clips of the Dino Show are available upon request.

Picture yourself back in the 1960s, speeding along a back road somewhere in the Southeast, listening as the miles roll by to the Country Club of the South.....The Big Ape.....The Mighty 690.....from Jacksonville!

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WAPE put out a massive signal, no question about that. It was THE radio station for young people up and down the eastern seaboard. Thanks for your comment, Joel Thompson.

Author — dwtpa90


Wow!!! This was one of the best stations in the country in the 60s.  We could here that ape call as clear as day on the beach at Pawley's Island, South Carolina every day.

Author — The Nacho Mama Band


Man does that bring back memories. Used to listen to them while traveling to and from gigs with my band back in the late 60s and early 70s. They helped promote our band "Mouse, The Boys and Brass"

Author — Frank Crumpler


This made me tear up. I haven't thought of this in years and it was so much a part of the '60s for me.

Author — Sandi Dilbeck


My older brother and I listened to WAPE everyday growing up on Sapelo Island, GA in the 1960s.

Author — CH Norwood


I was stationed at Mayport, Florida while in the Navy and loved this station!!

Author — TCSjohn 766


Speaking of Myrtle Beach, one of the favorite things about going there was being able to tune in to the "Big Ape" and listening to 690 while sunbathing on the beach.

Author — Jim Ragan


Dino was quite the talent, he did mornings on the APE thru the early 60's. After leaving the Mighty 6-90 he went to work in Ashville, NC and retired as GM from WWNC the market leading country station. Dino passed away about 10 years ago.



Ah, ....those were the days..the DJ's were talking to you...great sounds...Beatles ...Stones...Motown...the TOP 40 hits...great times...

Author — Jim Cushman


Georgia's Coastal Islands were in listening range! Many teen memories from the Ape Call of the mighty 690.

Author — Meg Self


OMGoodness, I was a junior at Jacksonville's Englewood High School in 1965. Never missed listening to the Big Ape while grabbing a chilled rootbeer and slawdog at A&W's on Beach Blvd. or sunbathing on the beach. Loved my 690.

Author — Connie Durrance


WAPE was owned by a family called the Brennans. They also owned two other 50k watt AMers...WBAM-Montgomery, and WVOK-Birmingham. They too were 50, 000 watt daytimers as well. WBAM and WVOK signed on...and off with "Dixie".

Author — Bob Jones


Fond memories of listening to the Big Ape in Georgetown, SC. Mid-1960s.

Author — King Ward


Remember it like it was yesterday.  And their annual rock and roll "conventions" in the old J'ville Coliseum were awesome.  Always a dozen acts or so, and relatively cheap.  Would love to see a program of one of those shows if anybody has one!

Author — Jim Staudt


Awesome! Used to listen to WAPE Wadio from Miami at night in mid-'60s, jumping back & forth between WQAM and WFUN in Miami and Cousin Brucie on WABC 770 in NYC.

Author — Stephen Peeples


remember WAPE in Jacksonville, Fl but it was earlier than '65. I remember going to Jax Beach when WAPE would be doing a live broadcast & seeing the BIG APE at the beach! just flashed back to the years from about 1958-1963!

Author — macrockettere


Used to listen to this in the 60's & 70's in the Charleston area.

Author — amfanmagician


Heard that "ape call" many a time in G'ville. Everybody would turn up their Sonys and GEs to announce their presence!

Author — Stephen McGuire


Man, that brings back a lot of memories.  I wish I could go back in time.  hi.

Author — Mike Malloy


I moved to Asheville in 1980 to take what was actually my first full time radio gig and about 2 weeks in I hear that the manager of another local station is the voice I listened to every afternoon on the school bus!

Author — ShannonCat