Protests continue as coronavirus continues to spread in several states

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Protests continue as coronavirus continues to spread in several states 3

Protests over the death of George Floyd rage across the country despite that the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in several states. Meg Oliver has the latest. 

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The protests are spreading faster than the virus itself.

Author — Abraham Lincoln


This is no longer about racism. It's about certain people trying to destroy our own country.

Author — SquidChaosTV


I think I'm going to stop watching the news. It's just too damn depressing.

Author — Derek Langley


Coronovirus: prepare for trouble

Protest: and make it double

Author — pringles man


They will need those I can’t breathe signs after not social distancing

Author — Joe Anderson


Rioters: “Black Lives Matter!”

Coronavirus: “I don’t discriminate. I love all ethnicities.”

Author — kahopukehau


Protesters: “I can’t breathe!”
Coronavirus: “Now you REALLY can’t breathe!”

Author — DRSLlives


The same people who were shaming people in the Ozarks for not social distancing a week ago are standing in crowds of thousands hand to hand.

Author — Larkon979


I’ve never really understood how burning down your own city is helping. “The police are racist! I’ll show them by burning down my already struggling minority community!”

Author — xTempusxFugitx


Both problems are a real threat but the true enemy here is ignorance.

Author — Cody Laramore


They are spreading the virus we will see how they’re doing in about two weeks

Author — Comfortably Numb


So much for reopening, we probs gonna lock right tf back down with higher taxes

Author — ༺Cloudy༻


On a brighter note.(at this point i know I'm not the only one tired of negative news).The woman doing sign language.I love her facial expressions!

Author — martin martin


Corona virus 🦠 “no im starting to go away”
People rioting for goerge floyd
Corona”im back baby”

Author — Troy Smith


when cuomo is sounding reasonable you know you doing something wrong

Author — Badger


The film "Idiocracy" was a documentary.

Author — Vadim


Rioters: looting stuff, committing arson, breaking car windows for no reason, etc.

Coronavirus: get a load of these guys lmao

Author — lakituu


Well this is a Sad Sad time for the USA first the virus now the death of a black man it's unforgivable and we need to evaluate the Problems that face us it's reality so try and put yourself first and your family..VIOLENCE JUST MAKES THINGS WORSE GOD BLESS

Author — Sandy Wright


In this scenario social distancing is a myth just like democracy

Author — Praveen Poonia


Y’all notice how every month this year something bad happened, THE MEDIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT TRAGEDIES. This is all part of a larger agenda, they want to keep everyone at a low vibration. Stay grounded, stay off this BOT MEDIA, and stay focused on your purpose in life.

Author — Annonymous 777